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Youth day in NC 2023

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Every time we kill a nice buck, it has a story. This year we had football Saturday morning as it has been for the last few years. I stay focused on when rifle season come in here. I have a crossbow and a blackpowder but they are not my go to's. A buddy called me to see if I would help him go through his dad's '85 K10 ( bought new) that he is gonna sign over to him. Talking he asked if we were hunting this evening since it was youth day.  Told him I didn't know it was so we sure were now. That tropical storm had came through earlier so we had an idea the deer would he moving that evening. We get in the box stand about 330pm. Had a fawn come running out from behind the stand and run around for 30 minutes. About 645 a few does came out with a scrub buck. Not long after that 2 bucks came out in the back field about 750 yds away. I didn't think they would come out this way so I didn't pay much attention to them.  Another shooter buck came out in a field beside us but he had no interest in the does. At 710pm the does were locked in on something and then we saw them the 2 bucks 750yds away came to us. Told my son to wait till the big buck got close enough. 713pm it was over. Buck dropped in his tracks. He got reaaaaaaaaal lucky. Deployed a head shot.... but was aiming behind the shoulder. He had buck fever and couldn't keep it steady lol.  Savage .243 with Corelokts. 180 yds. 16" inside 17 1/4 outside. 8 pointer.


Last picture I took through my binoculars with my phone. Between the swing and yellow bush you can make out the horns sticking up from the beans if you can zoom in. 





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Congrats to your son for a nice buck!

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