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i'm getting some new tires for the 2000trx450forman. i need some wheels to go with them. i dont care if they are factory. i thought there would be an abundance of them out there fairly cheap, but not having much luck locating any. the ones on fleabay, are worse then the ones i just got rid of. tires are 25x8-12, 25x10-12.. im not quite sure of the rim width. then there that off-set thing. i think its 2-5 on the front, and 5-2 on the back, y'all got any ideals on getting rims that are not expensive. the tires im getting are dirt devils.

i'm going to try to try the local dealers, maybe they have some trade-ins.

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I like the idea of finding some take offs either from a dealer of an individual . Do you have Facebook, try  Market Place 



Here's some info on the 450 rim size and offset 



  • Front Tire Size: 25x8-12
  • Rear Tire Size: 25x10-12
  • Front Wheel Size: 12 x 7
  • Front Wheel Bolt Pattern: 4/110
  • Front Wheel Offset: 4.5+2.5
  • Rear Wheel Size: 12 x 7
  • Rear Wheel Bolt Pattern: 4/110
  • Rear Wheel Offset: 3+5

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i've been looking on facebook, and amazon also. i thought it was going to be easier.

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