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2013 Arctic Cat 450 EFI Hose and Cable Routing

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Was a basket case -engine literally in baskets and buckets left outside etc, rust. missing bolts...

Frame and plastics were really clean and why I picked it up ($300.00)

Completely redid engine /crank etc and have machine all back together runs great

Unfortunately,Arctic Cat Service Manuals are the worst, compared to Honda

There are no cable and hase routing data and no wiring diagram etc.... 

I was hoping a member with same/similar model might be able to point out a few things for me

I have a few hoses and things I cant figure out, you would think it would be simple but

no luck so far figuring it out. Not critical stuff but just trying to make all correct 

i tried over at ArcticChat last year and only got one response but model was different

Anyone has one, I would sure appreciate any help, the 450/500 is the same so that would work too


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You know the rules!  We need pics!


And sorry, the only AC's I have around here are the late 90's A/C 300's which appear to be rebadged Suzuki King Quads.  Father in law has two of them.


They were super highly optioned for an ATV in that era, but they are a PITA to work on. 

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