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450 Foreman CDI Boxes

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As I lumber through getting my Foreman running. Just curious. Does my quad use a AC or DC CDI box. I only ask because partzilla lists both for that year(or I am assuming one is AC and one is DC but only DC one is labeled as such). I'd also like to note the price has dropped about 15-17 dollars since early June.  




Possibly I am jumping to conclusions and its 2 p/n's for the same thing? As the A00 references the A01 in the description with some cryptic text. "Ss Final: product/honda/30410-HN0-A01"



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When you see multiple numbers for the same part , it is a superseding number , same part different supply vender or such ---  it is DC , I think the last A/C Honda might have been the 86 - early 87 TRX350A 

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