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TRX300 Fourtrax 4x4 rear axle & hub differences?

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I know that there were rear axles differences- just trying to get a quick reference/answer to help a friend out

I have a very good axle and hub set and cant remember what year it came off

I remember that there were different hub/spline lengths or something like, that but

as long as the hubs and axle splines match are they interchangeable?

Can someone tell what years used what versions?

I see part number differences etc but they dont say long spline/short spline etc...

Thanks in advance

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does not matter what rear axle you use ?, AS LONG AS THE HUB SPLINES ARE MATCHED !. in other words, the hub splines have a short version at the axle, and a long version at the axle. use either one you want, but make sure the hubs are the correct length !.

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