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Honda Scooters

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Honda makes the best scooter money can buy.


The metropolitan and ruckus are gifts to today's world like the original 50's were years ago.

I know that 2-Wheeled stuff in general is not for everyone. If you are unconformable with the idea just stick to quads. Falling over hurts.


I own two currently. They are the best combo of a reliable and reasonable priced street legal vehicle money can buy.


This part will very wildly from state-to-state but in Arkansas...

A scooter under 50cc can be driven without a motorcycle licence legally on public roads with the exception of high speed areas like interstates. Not only that but you do not have to keep insurance of any kind to be legal but that is still not all. You do not have to licence or plate the vehicle beyond the most basic registration so there is no reoccurring licence fees and nothing to expire frequently.


All of that being said and it gets +50 mpg easily with a ~180 rider and a ~35 mph top speed. (This is on the Metropolitan. Ruckus is a bit slower)


If you are looking for a two wheeled machine and are not in a hurry to get there, the Honda scooter line is a great option.


Thank you for reading!


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yep..the lil hondas can be very handy and a lot of fun to ride.

while I know you're talking scooters, I do have to give my usual shout out to Honda for having done it right for so many years.

here's a pic of my 1979 CT90.  It is tagged and is a legal motorcycle, albeit an around town bike cause with this big ol boy on it, she'll struggles to get over 45mph.

most of the 8k miles were grown in Key West Fla, putting around. 

The last decade or so, it's been here on my property for some trail fun, and down our country blacktops where cars are rare.

it has made camper bumper rides across about 15 states and I always enjoy taking jaunts to explore after we get camp setup.


with the dual range 4 speed transmission, it's amazing what a little 90cc can do.


there's a couple Rukus guys in town that I see on the street. They have their moped tags and seem to be keeping up just fine in traffic.


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