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Help removing a Highlifter Spool Locker on 95 Foreman 400

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I am working on a 95 Foreman 400 that came in with a 2 inch Highlifter Lift kit and a Highlifter front spool locker

From what I can gather, the spool locker is the same one that fits  the Honda 300 Fourtrax, Foreman 400 and Foreman 450 (non Traxlock model)

I want to remove the spool locker and return front differential to stock configuration

I have been unable to find any installation/removal instructions and Highlifter no longer has the information available in their downloads

Not sure, but I think there are some one way bearings that have to to be put back the right way after removing locker plate-not sure- but i think I saw that somewhere.....?

Anyways-I figure I was just going to gut the differential and try to put it back together as per the service manual, but thought a good dose of wisdom and experience from someone here that has done it before would be good help

Thanks in advance


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Hi Fish, thanks for information!

Unfortunately, this version locker is for the newer model of the Foreman 450, Traxlock  and similar versions

Mine is for the older ,non traxlock differential version that fits the 98-01 450 which also fits the Fourtrax 300 4x4 and all versions of the Foreman 400 

But- I think the parts I need to put back in order are the cam followers ( I had called them one way bearings earlier)

It has got to be pretty similar, I am just going to take it apart and see what I can do

Thanks again


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I see what you were saying , I can find the 98-2001 kit description , but not the manual for it  , and the kit you have does say 300, 400 and 450 



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