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  1. I took longer than anticipated to order the parts lol, winter really hit hard just after I tore it apart. So my time was allocated elsewhere. I will definitely update the thread when I complete. Thanks!
  2. Oh okay, yah I am a marine tech and that is common practice to remove outboard flywheels. Just wasn't about to try that here without known success. I'll give it a go.
  3. I cannot seem to find a clamping 2 jaw puller that is big enough to do the job. How else can I accomplish this?
  4. I am not entirely certain this is my culprit 😕 As everything seems to be spinning just fine, but it is not engaging the engine.
  5. Hows's about a nice how to on the right side covers? Lol The left side was perfectly helpful
  6. I have done the acid bath before, the rust came back. It just sits too much to have a metal tank really.. lol It's only $30 to do the coating. See how it goes. That Jack is pretty darn sweet.
  7. I already have the plastics off, as well as the tank out to be epoxy sealed and the carb off the engine to be cleaned of rust particles lol. To pull the engine from this point is a few connectors and the mounts realistically. Wouldn't it all be so much easier on a bench as opposed to crouching/kneeling beside this miniature bike? Lol Shadetree, thankyou very much for your time on this one! I'll get some parts and gaskets on order for this old girl.
  8. I suppose the biggest issue I have with the engine removal would be the driveshaft? Is it just splines? Pull the engine forward off the driveshaft? The manual doesnt really cover that part of the engine removal.
  9. Good day all! First post here! So apparently BOTH one way bearings have bitten the pooch on my old reliable 86. I bought this old girl about 10 years ago for $600 and haven't spent a dime on it except gas and oil changes (nice synthetic stuff too 😉 ). The starter gear on the starter itself got chewed off by the intermediate gear, because when using either it or the kickstart you could hear it kick back on the starter and crunch. Now, with the starter disabled, the kick start doesn't catch anything MOST of the time and when it does it doesn't spin the engine enough to fire. I have been told I need to replace BOTH the one way bearings. Should i remove the engine for this endeavour? Or just do one side at a time with the bike on its side for easy of access??
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