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  1. Thanks Fishfiles I was thinking of doing the work myself, The cylinder still has the X marks on the walls from when it was honed. Was thinking of running the hone in the cylinder and just putting in new rings. The valve guides and seals I was thinking of changing. If things looked worse I would consider sending it out for rebuild.
  2. So I have found some time to pull the motor off the second 86 honda fourtrax 350 that I picked up. The person that I bought it from told me he stoped riding it because it was smoking. I pulled the head off, removed the piston. The cylinder looks very good, the connecting rod bearing end that go's into the piston looks good. I'm thinking that I should do just the top end rebuild. Who would you recommend that I buy the parts from? Should I avoid after market parts? Should I also change valve seats and guides? Is there a top end rebuild kit that I could get that would have rings, all the gaskets I need? Thanks
  3. My experience using the Timberline chain sharpener has not been as good as I had hoped. Maybe its me. I have sharpened my 404 chain on my processor like six times and what I see is the sharpener files the chain more on one side than the other. Tried different things and still the teeth on one side are being filed down more on one side. Maybe its because the chain is a large chain 404. Over all not happy spending 130.00 for the sharpener. For years I have used this Oregon chain sharpener and been very happy. This is my second one and still works great.
  4. Thanks Shadetree Hope to get back to work on the wheeler in a couple weeks.
  5. For me, not everyone filing the chain on my wood processor is not so easy because I file the chain on the processor. One side when filing is easy to do the other side hard to reach. With the timberline sharpener you stand on one side to do all the filing. When filing the rakers I run a flat file over the raker one time after every 6 or 7 filings. That seems to work.
  6. I ordered a Timberline chainsaw sharpener to sharpen my 404 chain on my wood processor that has a 30" bar. The chain had been sharpened 5 or 6 times prior to my using the Timberline sharpener. Using the timberline sharpener it took 3 or 4 times sharpening the 404 chain before the chain was filed perfect. Sharpening before the timberline I would alway sharpen one side more than the other. Now that all the teeth are the same the saw is cutting amazing. I would recommend only getting the Timberline sharpener. It's a little pricey. Very happy with it. I try to sharpen the teeth after every 6 or 7 logs that way the teeth never really get dull. It take less to sharpen. I have cut my self two times after sharpening the teeth.
  7. Picked up another 86 honda 350 fourtrax that I'm hoping the motor is good. The guy I bought the wheeler from said he stoped riding it because it smoked. Been siting in his barn for some time. Motor turned over ok. My plan is to pull the motor off and pull the head and hopefully it will only need the top end done. Hopefully. Pressure washed the old wheeler down, just to clean it up before I pull the motor. The old wheeler will also give me lots of spare parts.
  8. Thanks for the info, this is going to be one of those projects. In the end I think this old crusty and neglected wheeler is worth it. This old wheeler will roll.
  9. I ordered parts for the frontend at Chaparral and after a week they sent an e-mail telling me the 6 items that I ordered they did not have. Great. I then ordered the parts from Partzilla and now just watching the mail. Finding parts is a challenge, but making new parts is part of the fun.
  10. I was thinking of changing the motor out with a motor off a foreman and wanted to know if it would fit? I have only taken the top of my 350 and what I see is not good, connecting rod not good, cam looks bad, I'm sure timing chain is bad. The timing chain sprocket on the cam looks good. Where the cam runs in the head not looking good. I feel that this would be a good parts motor. I have found some motors around just trying to figure out my best option.
  11. I have a question The 86 fourtrax 350 that I picked up that someone ran out of oil or very low, looking over the motor I think it would be better to find another motor. Is the Foreman 350 motor the same as what I have is a Fourtrax 350????
  12. Thanks Shadetree My great nephew did tell me that he ran it one time with out a batt. in the wheeler. I didn't think it would. I'm new to wheelers and I do have to say Honda builds a great wheeler.
  13. Thanks Shadetree and Jeep. Keep those wheelers rolling.
  14. Will this Honda 88 start up and run with out a batt. in it?
  15. I took the cdi off my 86 Honda 350 and still the same.
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