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  1. Yeah that's the part I hate but I've used em for 30 years and never lost one if put in correct. Glad it worked for you.
  2. Lol quite the selection of answers. I trailer with brake but again none of it matters if your tied down proper with frame or tires. Don't tie to the rack I've seen a lot of people lose Harleys cause the suspension moved and they came untied.
  3. Absolute best option is the heli coil. Small investment up front but you will never have problems again.
  4. Oh wow that's got a lot. I have my work cut out for me. Thank you
  5. I thought I read somewhere back some time when I was working on other things that the Canadian version of these came with all that. I was hoping that meant there was a kit or factory parts to make it all work
  6. Well after all my restoration work I finally got this thing to Utah for the 4th. She ran like a beast for over 500 miles through the week. My ond lesson learned in Utah is they require it to be street legal. Is there a Honda kit that fits nicely or a solid quality aftermarket kit that looks professional?What all do I need brake lights, turn signals, mirror/mirrors?
  7. So good news. Took apart the petcock and fuel ran like crazy. Then I remembered when I found this thing it had sat for many years. So I cleaned the gas tank and installed all the other additional parts. I also installed a fuel filter (which I forgot about) to protect my new carb. It was clogged with crap so I took it apart, cleaned it, and viola fuel ran and the bike ran just fine. So I guess I need to run a ! ton of seafoam or equivalent through it.
  8. Oh crap left that out. 2002 TRX450 Foreman es. I looked at the OEM and may still buy one. Heard anything about the Moose carburetors? Not being cheap(or maybe I am) just researching options.
  9. I bought them s a while back and bought a cheap carb to get it running. Now I am having problems with it being starved for fuel. New petcock, new fuel to carb, new carb (cheap off Amazon), new air filter. Drained but did not clean tank. Gas cap and line are clear. I think I wanna try a performance carb that is adjustable if possible or easily rejetted.
  10. Yeah just takes strength but it will stop. Just wanted something a little easier for the wife. She has no hand strength.
  11. New tires brakes and 4x4 working here she is ready to rip.
  12. Ok got new master cylinder installed, bled, and brakes adjusted. It stops ok but not what I expect as an old gear head. I'm going to leave this lone and think about it. On to looking for wheels. Thank you all for the help.
  13. So after getting everything working on my new to me toy I noticed the brakes were not optimum. I bought new shoes for the front and tore them down, cleaned everything, and regressed the drum gasket. After adjusting the breaks and bleeding they still stop like crap. Please tell me my only option isn't disc breaks. Hopefully there is somethi g to get the front brakes working that does not involve retrofitting.
  14. Thought I'd share the fix for me. The switch was failing but would intermittently show continuity. I bought a switch for an 05-06 model and yes the switch is exactly the same but Honda changed the sex of the connectors. Male female, female male. So I have to cut the old end off and solder it onto my new switch and it is fixed with a new switch for 56 dollars instead of the 100 dollars on eBay for a used switch.
  15. And here it is with my daughter giving my grandson a ride today. This is after new oil, diff fluid, seat, rear trunk, fender flares, spark plug, carburetor, air filter, left electrical controls, front diif vent lines, front brake vent lines, and a ton of cleaning.
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