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  1. Hi shadetree, just wanted to give an update. I did replace the fuel pump with a new OEM and it fired right up. Thank you very much for all the help and support
  2. Hi, sorry just now saw this. I ended up replacing the ecu and the fuel pump with an OEM replacement. FYI, never try using an aftermarket fuel pump. They do not supply enough pressure for it to run. Hope this helps
  3. I was thinking that also but wasn't sure because it is getting fuel and I was thinking it would atleast try to run. I'll replace that and go from there
  4. Ok gotcha, do you have any other ideas before doing that?
  5. Not long at all. It has brand new fuel pump and filter but it isn't OEM. You think that's the problem? Maybe it isnt giving it enough pressure? Thing is, it is getting fuel so you think it would atleast try to run at first
  6. I actually just tried that right before posting and it still wouldn't run. I have another fuel injector ordered but I soaked the old one and plugged it back in but before I installed it I tried starting it and fuel sprays out good
  7. Hey guys, I'm having an issue. My 07 honda rancher trx420fm 4x4 will turn over but not start. It is getting fuel and spark but won't run. I tried a little ether and itll run for just a second but that's it. Any ideas?
  8. For anyone that's wondering what the problem ended up being, it was the pcm.
  9. But I did just replace it
  10. Nevermind, that's the one you said check with the peak voltage adapter
  11. Melatv, I believe the ckp tested to be good but I'll check it again to be sure
  12. I'm at work now. So you think the fuel pump is requiring too much voltage and is shorting the relay?
  13. So you think the fuel pump is shorting the relay out?
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