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  1. That's just the thing. They're all like that. Ouch!
  2. The headlight housing, the part the bulb fits into, is broken. I can't seem to find and replacement, either new or used for less than $150. What have others been doing as an aftermarket option?
  3. I haven't done any adjustments so I'll give it a shot.
  4. Thank you harleydavidson. That was just the info i was looking for.😁
  5. My daughter's 2006 trx 90 finally lost the clutch. My question is... should i go ahead and replace it or would an adjustment do? If a replacement is in order what all should be replaced? I have never done this job but im confident i can do it with the downloaded shop manual to guide me. Thanks.
  6. Hello from northeastern California. I have 4 honda's. 1998 and 1999 300ex's, a 2005 70 dirtbike and 2006 trx90 quad. Our family loves to ride dunes and mountains. I came here because my little 90 finally lost the clutch and i need advice but off to the correct area for that. Thanks all.
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