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  1. Looking for oem stator . Does anyone know where I can find one . I've been looken on line with no luck. Mainly because of the factory plugs. And was needing a flywheel puller. For the 250. But will that same puller fit my 400 ?
  2. Been using my bike a lot love the up grade on my brakes.
  3. I've been riding a couple of times on thr rear brake upgrade. The only thing that I don't like about it is no return spring. Other than that it is not to bad. Iam going to stay with my setup this way for know.
  4. Sorry isn't the reverse button tied into this some how? Hope your wife is doing better know. Yes wouldn't hurt to see pics
  5. Hope ur wife is OK. I dont have an issue with my new disk breaks just checking out my options and how to tie in the front and foot lever. And you also have your reverse gear on o, there to boot
  6. If you where going to switch from cable to hydraulic what would you need to tie into the rear caliper. And how would you tye in the front left lever with your foot lever. This is going on a 1997 trx400fw
  7. I will . I've been thinking about that before I got my bike off of the jack stands. Lol
  8. Finishing install up on my 1997 trx400fw rear brakes . The kit was from superatv.nice kit. Got my hitch painted up as well
  9. Can you go to the 450 piston and use the 400 connecting rod ?
  10. Is it possible to put a 450 jug on a 400 lower half. And use the 450 head . Iam not having problems with my 400 . Just one of those things I've always wanted to do. The 400 has what 28 hp. Just thinking of a way to get more
  11. mikey59


    I'll give that a shot.
  12. mikey59


    Found this sight on another one liked what I seen so I thought I would join you guys. I have a 1997 honda trx400fw, 1988 honda trx300 , 1983 three wheeler, and 2006 polaris 300 hawkeye. Been working on my 400 needing a fan controller. Where can I get a good one ? Have a question my oil temp light comes on when you start the bike up and stays on for awhile . What is the operation of that?
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