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  1. Toodeep, I appreciate all the help. No rush, let me know. You’ll have to raise the price due to all that driving back and forth! Thanks, Pat
  2. That would be great. Shadetree has helped me big time on this project so far. You guys all chipped in while I was struggling with spark. So glad I found this forum!! I will be sure to post pictures/video when I get her finished up enough to pull my daughters on the sled. I’m racing the snowfall here in north west Indiana. It’ll be here before I know it and the kiddos are patiently waiting for Dad to get the new toy going. Again, thanks for everyone’s help!! Pat
  3. Part #2 is unavailable. Thanks for looking though. Pat
  4. Holy cow, I may be in luck. Looking mainly for the inner part. I believe I can make the back bracket if I can’t find it. What would you need for it if you have one? Thanks, Pat
  5. Hi guys, wondering if anyone out there has or knows of a place where I could find a air cleaner housing for my 88 trx300fw? It’s thd tube that goes inside the foam filter. Thanks, Pat
  6. 😳😳😳that is one FINE looking machine!! Can’t wait to see it complete.
  7. Looks great Shade. I’ll definetly be following. Maybe I’ll beat you done!!😂😂 no race....you do darn fine work. Thanks for all the help!!
  8. Hello gentlemen, here we go on the next saga.😂 I tore down the rear axle to get the rear brakes and bearings replaced/fixed up. Things I overlooked when I bought it and while trying to get spark. The dude welded the hubs to the axle. I carefully took the grinder to the one hub but the splines are shot. Are the eBay kits any good? I ended up breaking my baking plate while trying to press actuator arm out. Let me know if anyone has any used parts they may want to sell. I’m willing to travel a bit. I’m just outside Chicago. Thanks, Pat
  9. She’s running!!! I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress.
  10. Shade, I missed your call. Had to go in a eat supper. We have spark!!!!!!!! It was the darn flywheel. I’ll try to get video of her running shortly. Thanks again for all the help! Pat
  11. Woodruff key is good. I’m going to put the denso flywheel in it. Just not sure what the dude before me all did. He didn’t have many details except for his buddy was working on it.🤞🏻I’ll keep you all posted. Pat
  12. How do you tell which stator is which. I have the 12 pole in it now. Is it stamped on the stator? No China for me. The original owner did that crap!!😂 Thanks again for the call. Pat
  13. What your thoughts on changing out my mitsuba flywheel for this denso? I have a 12 pole stator in it now with the mitsuba flywheel. Thanks, Pat
  14. Ignition key switch checked out good as well. Had to show you guys my lincoln. I went through some heartburn with her as well. Pat
  15. Yep, kill switch checked out good. Even went through and checked all the continuity for all the lights. Checked all the gear switches and oil sensor again. Gear switches are showing continuity when in or out of the correct gear. Oil sensor is trading real high. Think it’s shot, new one coming but that shouldn’t prevent spark though. Bout ready to take the lincoln for a drive and cool down. Ha ha. Happy Thanksgiving to all!! Pat
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