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  1. Thats a good point. I'll check the lines going into the fuel bowl. It hasnt done it anymore in a while. Wondering if a little trash got in the system
  2. I'll check idle control on the throttle body. I don't have an 02 sensor on mine
  3. You are correct, i don't have an o2 going to exhaust
  4. May not but i believe the 2013 does. If im not mistaken that clip on side of the frame is the O2 sensor
  5. Thats just an oem update. The original Fuel filter attached at the very bottom of the fuel pump & would collect sediment. The update oem one has an attachment on bottom the fuel pump that the fuel filter attaches to & it makes the fuel filter vertical beside the fuel pump instead of horizontal on the very bottom.
  6. Haha yea its fuel injection. But i already updated the fuel filter to the sideways mounted one instead of the one that sits on the bottom of fuel pump reservoir
  7. Haha yea its EFI so no Carburetor. May change o2 sensor & Coil & try that. My dad seems to think it's a coil also due to it getting to operational temperature before it starts stall. He use to work on lawnmower engines. But ATV's are a different beast. IS sounding like a clock a good thing lol
  8. Thats a good point didn't think about O2 sensor, i believe it has one. I'm new to EFI atvs also, use to carburetor. I'll definitely look into the O2 sensor
  9. I checked the spark plug, gap & boot also. I'll definitely go OEM
  10. That's what i thought, coil is where I'll probably start since its the easiest to change out
  11. Yea i just changed fuel filter & o rings couple months ago. Barely ridden it. Just got it back from the shop getting valves adjusted & throttle body cleaned. Didn't do that before the shop. Really dont want to take it back. They had it for 2 months due to being behind.
  12. I thought about that but wouldn't the fuel pump cause it to do that all the time & not just when it gets hot?
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