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  1. Yea i may have been off but when i rotated crank to the next "T", both rockers had slight play,which is per manual as an indicator of being in the correct TDC. But i went back & double checked & reset them again on the correct TDC. Also found i had a bad exhaust valve... in video above.
  2. @shadetree is this what you were talking about as far as the bad valve seat? My exhaust valve has a good bit more play upward play than the intake valve @ TDC on compression stroke. Thats after they were both adjusted to spec
  3. @Fishfiles Yes i missread & i know the difference lol. I hardly ever used a torque wrench on anything, but i was just asking, i know somethings its best torque & some it dont matter.
  4. @ melatv, yea my bad, my manual says 13, i missread. I did get the valves set but haven't started it yet because of having to get a section of fuel line that needed replaced. At first i accidentally set the valves on the "F" mark instead of TDC "T" mark, thought it was the T at first. So i turned the crank clockwise & set valves on the compression TDC. I'm hoping i didn't screw the timing up, by setting it at the F at first instead of TDC
  5. So i got to timing hole & as im turning the crank clockwise i see 2 lines on the crank, then i keep turning clock wise & even see an F, then continue to turn clockwise then a short turn i see the T. I check the rockers & no movement, rotate 360 degrees back past the F & to the T again. The F looks just like the T, i accidentally set them on the F initially, then realized of turned crank again 360 degrees & set them on T when both rockers did have play in them, haven't started it yet, need to replace a fuel line. Hopefully i didn't throw off the timing, if so will have to take it to shop to get it retimed🤦‍♂️. Getting to the exhaust valve was a pain, probably wont ever do that again lol
  6. Got it thanks. Also on that nut, i know it has to turn clockwise but that is closewise when looking at it from the read? Also Anyone know what size hex head i need for the cap for the Sight hole for TDC
  7. Haha. Oh & When i take the back cover off to turn the crank clockwise to get the correct TDC, is that a special tool or just a normal socket that i put on the emd to turn it?
  8. Casper...Yea ill change the yelow cover & possibly the ignition coil while im at it. @ jeepwm69.. i noticed the manual mentioned tightening the nut on the valve adjustment to 9inch pounds. Is torquing it to that exact spec necessary? I only ask because i can't find a torque wrench that goes that low. Most im finding is 20in/lbs, even on the quarter inch Torque wrenches.. Mine doesn't smoke at all, nor is it a hard start which is why im hesitant to check the valves but i am going to run some seafoam through it since there is carbon build up on the butterfly of the intake on the throttlebody
  9. Can yall give me advice on drain & removing the fuel tank? I just dont want to make a huge mess & have gas spraying everywhere. I saw on YouTube one guy turned his fuel off then just disconnected the reserve line from on top of the fuel pump then attached a fuel hose to it then opened reserve & drained fuel from tank into a gas jug?? That sound right? Or one way of doing it
  10. Yea i could probably do the valves myself, but tearing into the engine..nada! I can do basic stuff but Im not mechanically minded to be able to tear into an engine if need be. But what would be the easiest less messy way to drain to tank so i can remove it? I know thete are 3 hoses that run to the top of the fuel pump
  11. Where online can i get new ones for $40 each?
  12. Yea figured i would have to go with a different rim. Im not trying to go too crazy just a lil bigger tire with out having to do any gear reduction or anything like that.
  13. Go figure the main mechanic thats very reasonable i want to take it to is on vacation till june 26th 🤦‍♂️. Hmmm. Guess I'll be looking for another shop to take it to lol...my luck
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