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  1. You guys have all been a big help. Thank you. It was just the clutches that needed to be adjusted. The transmission is in excellent condition according to the mechanic.
  2. I went from 24” Stock tires to 25” Mudlite 2. I looked up the weight and the 25” weighs less than the stock. Could jumping up one size make that much of a difference? I don’t know, I’m not as mechanically inclined as I would like to be. I have 2-400ATs but I’m thinking of getting rid of my other one now. It has been used for hunting and still going strong but I guess they aren’t as “hardly” as other hondas. I love the auto/es feature.
  3. Lol. That’s what my husband told me. He said I’m too spoiled to the ES and auto. I guess if it made it to 14 years on the same transmission they aren’t that bad if you use it for farm work and trail riding.
  4. Is my transmission goes out I might just have to make the swap to my 350. I have two 400AT but I’m seriously thinking about getting rid of one since the transmissions are so expensive. How does your wife like her 420? My husband bought an aftermarket power steering kit for my 400 but he hasn’t put it on yet. I started using it mostly for trail riding and long trails back lead to fatigue.
  5. Yes sir. We made it out ok. Some of the areas around us are flooded but we are on higher grounds. Our hunting camp is taking a direct hit by it right now. Cat 2 winds from what I am seeing. Not sure what we will find up there when we are able to go assess the damage. Hope you guys made it out ok as well.
  6. I didn’t know that they wouldn’t work on something that old. I really want to stick with Honda but I do not like the new style. I feel the oversized plastics on it makes it uncomfortable to see around the bike on trail rides. I love the “feel” of the older ones. We bought a 2020 Rancher for our farm and I do not like it. I don’t use it that much. I guess if the transmission goes out I’ll either have to spend $2,000 and fix it myself or buy a used rancher.
  7. Hello everyone! Here is a little about myself. My name is Rebecca and I’m from Houma, Louisiana. I’m married with kids. I was raised in the country and grew up riding. I love to hunt, fish, camping, play sports, ride 4 wheelers and play guitar/piano. I was in the military and was a paramedic/tactical medic for 20 years before recently taking over my family’s cattle farm. I’m a laid back southern woman that enjoys anything outdoors. I have a 2020 Honda Rancher 420 4x4, 2007 Honda Rancher 400AT 4x4, 2006 Honda Rancher 400AT 4x4 and a 2006 Honda Rancher 350 4x4.
  8. Thank you. I given this site by someone on Facebook and you guys have been a big help.
  9. Thank you. I will change the battery first to see if that helps. I thought about bringing it in to the dealership but there are no codes showing and it works in ES. I may just leave it in ES until it goes out and do the swap to my 350. My 350 definitely has more power and it’s my play bike.
  10. Thank you. I’m actually in Houma but hunt in the Pineville area. Yes I live up to my name. I’m a true country/southern woman. I have many 4 wheelers to ride but this one stays clean as it’s my work/trail bike. Muddy Girl is also a type of camo. I will go post an introduction.
  11. Lol still young. My dad is 81 and rides his ATV with me. Y’all sure do seem like a great group of guys and I appreciate the help.
  12. Sorry bcsman. That’s my parents and the military that has instilled that in me. I’m 39 and I often find myself calling people younger than me sir/ma’am.
  13. I will check the clutches. I guess I’ll have to YouTube this project lol. I’ll also look into getting a new battery.
  14. Thank you sir. I also have a 2006 Honda Rancher 350 ES that is still going strong with zero problems. I used that one mostly to play around with. I’m just hoping it’s not the transmission since I heard that are junk. This one lasted me 14 years and 3,000 miles so I guess I got my money worth. I love my 400AT so it might be worth fixing even if it does cost a lot.
  15. Thank you! I’m not sure if they ever adjusted the clutches. I will look in my service records to see. I’m hoping it’s not the transmission. I know it’s $1,800 Just for the parts.
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