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  1. thanks shadetree but i am way ahead of you. f.f. with his picture page is a magic trick from h... ! just got the four wheller put away all back together shifts great up and down. shop tools put away oil dry is down my hands are clean and im ready to eat supper and take a nap. THANKS FISHFILES and to this forum. problem fixed. you were spot on !!!
  2. f.f. can u tell me what the dot is for on shift drum ? looks like a timing mark to me its a perfect dot from factory i believe. but no match mark that i can see. just curious why its there
  3. wilson wished i had before i owned it pics but no. ive had it floating in the creek upside down recently so needless to say it was used and sometimes abused by the present owner and his wife who actually dipped it in creek a few weeks back. water was up over low water bridge so much took three hours for water to go down so i could find the rear tire sticking out so i could go in after it that was a night i wont soon forget wow. ambulance,county cops, highway patrol and fire were all there . after i had already got my wife out who was hanging on by a small limb for dear life. she almost would not let go of that lil tree so i could pull her out of the water. ended all was well cept my wheeler. mad me a lil bit sick . piece of me was left in the creek that evening. but few oil changes later lots of w-d 40 to switches and gen and p.u. coil and shes good as old.can be. used heat gun to dry out p.u. coil and stator . guess what the n. light was on when she surfaced for the first time i was amazed it didnt blow fuse or nothing.
  4. hey wilson sorry i missed you. thanks .
  5. thanks. agreed 300 r da best. imo.
  6. so i use my x-ray vision to see that inside the r side cover or take it off i guess since my x-ray vision is in shop. lol . i was hoping to not have to pull r side but my dumb... got to do things the hard way. thanks for your help. will pull later tonight and see if thats the problem. wish me luck.
  7. 1990 300 honda 4 x 4 owned it for 20 plus years go it from lil old lady that only drove it on sundays after church to check cows w/her son. no joke. the thing was mint as the lady was in her 60s and a widow. tires , starter, battery only problems i have had and it is a work horse. tosses rocks the size of a normal mans head like they are pebbles. pulling loaded trailer up a hill w/snow and ice on ground few years back w/new swamp tires tossed rock over trailer w/wood on. i was impressed.. anyway 61 y.o. now wife and 4 kids all grown up and 10 grand kids. honda knock offs for the grand kids. taught 1 out of ten how to fix em when they tear up so i can just sit and watch. lil guy is only 9 and knows what size wrench top get before i do. thats enough intro i guess . thanks for having me on your forum . hope i wont be to much of a bother. conrad.
  8. yes i pulled them off to replace the pin behind shift spindle # 21
  9. 1990 300 4 x 4 honda . removed l case cover looking to find why my atv started not shifting correctly. found shift drum center bolt had came loose. got a new one and installed it , the manual i have didnt give torque settings . thats where i think i messed up the shifting timing. dont know my own strength i guess , lol, tried to get it tight and it made an odd noise like it went past the stop. before i cold let off the wrench. not a bolt snapping noise at all, more like a slow roll over a bump noise. there is what appears to be a timing mark on the shift drum. manuals i have dont say anything about the little dot (timing mark). can anyone help me w this? also replaced the 2 dowel pins at shift drum and return spring pin (shift spindle)(bolt). made sure i aligned the dowel pin under the drum. after several attempts of not shifting at all to shifting up through all 4 gears and stuck there, now it wont down shift at all w/o taking the shift drum apart , shifts fine w/o drum bolt installed. reverse and n. light up like they are supposed to. please can some one help me out here. its a good machine for what i use it for hauling logs and checking trail cams. i have looked through my manual and no trouble shooting on shift drum or linkage . guess i need professional help, lol !thats why i am here ! thanks for your time. conrad.
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