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  1. Hey guys i thought i would reach out here before it made it to ebay. I acquired a lot of 2006 ES Foreman 500 stuff this weekend with a bit of new parts as well.
  2. Roughly $40-50, I do not do any surfacing but it would only need resurfaced if it was warped or damaged prior. This machine will take off the dirt, staining, paint, etc but it will not remove a gasket. If there is corrosion prior to blasting it will remove it, but depending on how bad it is depends how bad it will leave pitting afterwards.
  3. I have a dip and I blow them dry to prevent the aluminum corroding/ steel parts from rusting. The pricing really depends on the condition part, some are harder to get clean than others. For example it is really tough to get in the fins on an air cooled cylinder head. I try to figure in return shipping with the parts as well when it comes to pricing. The parts also have to be ready to blast I don't do the rebuilds, just surfacing. It all has to be done in pieces since no matter how hard i try to media will make it to places it shouldn't be. I'm terrible at remembering to take before pictures of the parts i have blasted but i have quite a few of them after i blasted.
  4. Its a 14 TRX420FM SRA. I know more of the older Chevy trucks than the fords, but i could fit many quadrajets in there at the same time. A complete foreman engine would fit.
  5. IS it that difficult to get parts in Canada or just expensive?
  6. They don't make it easy to ship out of the states, Thank you for your business!
  7. It does measure at 2.5" , if you send me your email I can send you an invoice.
  8. What year model is yours? I think i have one of those boots in my office i can compare to.
  9. I have never shipped to Canada so if the price seems high let me know what other carriers you use. I did a quote with USPS and it is $21 for the shipping alone. I can do $9 on the boot, so a total of $30.
  10. Kevron, i am in Kemp Texas. Wheeler, Generally no but if its not too big or heavy of an item i can make it happen.
  11. Some of the new machines we have that have not made it to ebay yet. 2014 Rancher 420 - No Engine 1998 Honda Recon - Bad Rear End
  12. Im not sure what an MC2100 is but our machine is pretty big. I could probably get in it if i really wanted too.
  13. I sell used parts on ebay but can make some better deals off of ebay. I only ship within the USA and can send an invoice via paypal. I'm attaching a link to my ebay store, if you see something you need just shoot me an email or message me on here. We have new inventory every week! [email protected] https://www.ebay.com/str/1080powersportspartsllc
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