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  1. Worked out for me since i do not like to ship the plastics, the carb will be done before the 2nd trip is made that way as well.
  2. https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm This is straight from the website, if you click check the filing periods it shows you. This was shipped priority mail so 15 days..
  3. They require 14 days before we can file a claim. I told you this in the last message, i sent you a photo of the label so the tracking and correct address is confirmed. The package will either be delivered by or have a claim filed for on the 19th, on which i would send a refund.
  4. I do absolutely everything i can do to make stuff go as fast as possible. I have no control over the post office. UPS and FEDEX do the same stuff i buy 10-30 machines a month and ship 300-700 parts a month (75 packages on 4-21-2020 alone). Stuff gets lost and as a seller i can only see the exact same thing you do when you track it. The only thing a seller can do that a receiver cannot is file a claim. I will do anything i can to make things happen but i cant do anything in this case. I don't normally ship out of the USA and i did it for one of the members here. Surprisingly i think he got it in 2 weeks to Canada. I shipped 2 packages to shadetree and the other was delivered in 2 days.
  5. We don't use Fedex smart post, That is a guaranteed week and a half to get something through them. I could walk there faster and hand it over personally faster than smartpost.
  6. If you read the fine print of the priority mail it pretty much says "we will try to get it there quick but we don't guarantee anything" I tried to get some money back on expensive priority mail packages a few years ago and they straight up don't care if its late. I'm not sure if your getting my emails, it keeps coming back saying draft and i have sent it 3 times.
  7. Once a package leaves here it is out of our control, I shipped this USPS priority and it should have already been there. I shipped his bolts with the same service, at the same post office, on the same day. This stuff happens and it is out of our control. We actually have more issues out of Fedex vs usps.
  8. That Yellow bin i shipped it in is heavy so you may want to disassemble and sneak it in one part at a time.
  9. Unfortunately we don't buy many 300s but i will keep you in mind if one is picked up soon.
  10. Thanks for the good feedback! Hopefully you have plenty of what you need in there. If you need more just let me know ahead of time so they can be saved during tear down.
  11. The axle i have is useable but ugly, The differential will need rebuilt. It has sat with water in it. The cover for the brakes looks decent. IF you shoot me an email i can get you some photos in the morning, It takes a while for me to upload a photo on here.
  12. Its a sprocket cover for a pit bike so it needs to be an actual CNC machine. I'm not sure if it would be a 3 axis or 4 axis machine. Its a start for a product line but eventually would like to produce alot more.
  13. Not everyone knows how to use the internet to their advantage. Some people actually buy the parts at the stealership. If you search on ebay by the part number you can usually find the best deals if you want to put the time into it.
  14. There is always some one selling something cheaper or can do it cheaper, that's why everything is made in china now. IF you search the part number for this on eBay though i have the best priced unit with free shipping.
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