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  1. I always preferred jigging for Lakers, or trolling with a 3-way swivel and about 4oz of weight and a Red-Eye. I like to be holding the rod when they strike. Never caught as many that way but always have a blast
  2. Nice looking fish! I lived in Plymouth, MN from ages 11-15. Could drag my dad's old Jon boat to 3 different lakes. Best fishing lake Ive ever known exploded with crappie, bass, and northern in the short time I was there. So much so the last winter I was there they used up all the O2 and died. It must have happened to the lake across the street because we didn't start catching fish until my last year there.
  3. Maxxum 70 with the battery saver module.
  4. I received my new trolling motor and started to install it Saturday. I was planning to take it out afterwards but hit a snag on the installation. Minn Kota neglected to include the tie down strap and I needed to order a plug that will work with the receptical already on the boat. Wasn't all that warm anyways so I wasn't too disappointed.
  5. I use my kayak below dam 3 to Hardy but boats work above dam 3 and a few miles below Hardy all the way to the Black River. Especially with a jet drive.
  6. 10-4. My old neighbor has a cabin on the river she rents out sparingly. She's told me I'm welcome to stay there whenever I want. I have every other weekend off so I'd be down with driving over anytime I'm able.
  7. Once I got sick of eating Trout I spent most my time on that lake. Absolutely beautiful.
  8. Yeah, I needed a wider boat for sure. I missed the casting decks and stability of my old Tracker but it wasn't suited for the shallow shoal filled rivers where I live now. The 1436 Jon boat was barely stable enough for me, let alone guests. This new rig is 56 wide with casting decks like dance floors. It will run with 4 people comfortably.
  9. Yes. I intended to get a 4 stroke for my next boat but after reading up on the direct injection and control module on the Etec, I decided it should be as good or better. It's lighter, supposed to have more torque than a 4-stroke and has similar fuel efficiency too. I primarily fish for Walleye and Smallmouth now because of where I live but you name it and I've fished for it at one time or another. I make trips to NE Ontario once every few years for Walleye, Bass, Pike and Lake Trout. I go to Western Michigan to target Steelhead about as often. I'm planning to drive a couple hours West of me to fish Lake Norfork for Stipers next month. When I lived on the Little Red River (7 years) I took up fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout. I live on a 20 acre lake now that has a ton of Crappie and Largemouth. When I vacation in Florida it's all about Snook and Redfish.
  10. You mean Heber Springs? That's where I lived before I moved here. We lived on the Little Red river. I spent a lot of time on Greer's Ferry with my old Tracker.
  11. Livewell under the passenger seat. The driver seat has the option to be used as one if I wanted but I'll be good with the one.
  12. When I moved over to NE Arkansas I had to sell my old Bass Tracker with a 50hp propped motor because there's really no lakes to speak of nearby. I'm within 20 minutes of 4 great rivers though, Spring, Current, Eleven Point and Black. I've been doing what I can on them with my propped 15hp on a 1436 John boat. Not something I ever wanted to take people out on though. I've had my eye on the Blazer SS boats with a jet drive and finally pulled the trigger on one last night. It's an 1856 with an Evinrude Etec 60/40. Hugely popular boat around here, made a little north in Ellington, Missouri. Most people have them rigged out to party on the river, with bimini tops and stuff, but this one is designed primarily for fishing with casting decks and a rod box.
  13. I'll create a post in the general forum to post pics so I don't hijack Shade's thread any more than I already have.
  14. I just bought a boat so I'm a little short on cash. That's why I was hoping you might need some 350D parts cause I have a garage full of em. I'd do $50 for that decal though, maybe $60 shipped.
  15. I felt $1500 for the 300 I had was a fair price. I probably could have got more but I was happy with what I got and how quickly it sold. The guy who sold it to me for $800 gave it away. All I did was change the oil/filter and spend $75 on a new side cover, oem decal and a used heel guard .I kept the tool kit to put in my 350D. I sold my jon boat and motor Sunday in under 5 hours. Probably could have got more for it too, but I was motivated. The cash from those sales helped me purchase an awesome boat this evening. Going to be a great summer on the local rivers w/ my new jet drive on a 1856 Blazzer SS!
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