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  1. Hey guys! I'm still around. Haven't logged on for awhile but I'll be around more in the coming months. I do send people a link to the manual section... hopefully that has brought in a few new members. I've been working some crazy hours and fishing nearly all my free time. Now that the weather is cooling off I'll want to start spending more time in the garage. Got the 86 350 project that's been on the back burner since last spring.
  2. Heck with that. I was prepared to do top end, but once I saw it needed a new head and would require pulling the motor and splitting the cases.... I'm out. The piston rod is all beat up and the camshaft and exhaust valve rocker are worn too. I wasn't going to charge him anything, because he does a lot for me, but even at my rates it's not economically feasable to repair. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😃
  3. Neighbor asked me to look at his grown sons 02 Arctic cat 300. Was told it just died one day and wouldn't restart. Had spark and turned over freely but zero compression. Found it had dropped the exhaust valve. I was prepared to do a top end job but absolutely do not want any part of what needs to be done on this rig now. I should have declined the moment I learned it was an Arctic cat. I knew it was going to be bad when I started to pull off the exhaust and found piston shards in the header pipe.
  4. Sad to see the news about Evinrude. I'll always have fond memories of my '87 15hp. The Evinrude/Johnson 9.9 and 15 HP motors were basically unchanged for 20 years. They're like the Honda 300's of the outboard world, simple and reliable. Currently, I've got a 60hp E-tec with jet drive on my Blazer SS. Been great so far.
  5. Got the decals on and the Maier side covers installed correctly. They don't actually bolt on, like I thought. They use a "jack nut" and push in the stock mounting grommet just like the OEM. I'm coming around to the idea of keeping them. That, and there's really no OEM ones out there for sale right now.
  6. Ok. The guy who's picture I included above replied back. He's not using the 350 front shocks in back. Here's whY he wrote" " I used both. The front 450 shocks I put on the back. And the back 450 shocks I used on the front of my 350. The shock lengths match up better that way. Had to grind on the eyelets of the shocks to make them fit the front of the 350. I also had to swap upper bushings around in the shocks. I was surprised how easy it all went together."
  7. Some guys are using the 1998-2001 Foreman 450 shocks. Supposedly give it a better ride and a couple inches of lift. I'm asking the guy who posted this pic if he used front and back or one size for both. Also asking if he had to grind on them to make em fit.
  8. Great job, Goober. Looks fantastic!
  9. Side covers and upper toolbox in blue. Rear carrier inner rack that goes above the tool box. Front bumper off an 87
  10. I've soaked in Berrymans for a day or so and follow it up with a jet off carb spray and compressed air and still find those emulsion tubes holes clogged with what felt like a grain of sand.
  11. I need a blue one too. I'll have to wait for one to come on a parts bike one day. I'm not about to spend what people want for them. I ended up with a red kickstart cover a month or so ago on a bike I paid 250 for. I'm saving it for the 86 build I'll be doing next.
  12. Did you clean out the jet holders real good. I've found that grit can clog up the holes in them. Soaking, carb spray, and compressed air sometimes won't be enough if a piece of sand like grit is wedged in them. I run a strand of wire through every one. Also clean out the orifaces in the carb body with carb spray and air.
  13. Make that 99 percent original. I have an aftermarket seat cover and a few decals.
  14. Found this under the seat of the bike I picked up last week. I think this was my tenth bike and I've never even seen the tool kit compartment, let alone a tool kit. I believe I can finally say my bike is 100 percent complete and original. A few weeks ago I scored the plastic tray that sits above the battery. Hadn't seen one of them before either.
  15. I do see the plastic tanks as an upgrade over OEM in cases where the tank or cap has pre existing issues. However, this tank and cap is as good as the one in my other bike and already has a working fuel sending unit. I was going to have to drill the hole out for that on the aftermarket one and try some untested units in it. I prefer OEM wherever possible. In this case it definitely was. Also, there's little chance my tanks will develop a problem. They are kept indoors and filled with ethenol free gas. Biggest threat to a metal tank is stored empty outdoors. These usually develop leaks around the foam rubber dampeners at the bottom of the tank brackets caused by moisture being trapped between them and the tank. If stored indoors that won't happen.
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