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  1. Ohh that’s strange wonder why dose it say 2009 on it if it’s a 2010 ?? would it be at late 2009 early 2010
  2. Do you know what tool I need r what it looks like so I can buy one tomorrow ??
  3. @jeepwm69 you ware saying about oil pressure test how do I go about doing that and what dose the oil pressure need to be at do you know I was at it today and and was pushing it and the sound seems to be at the back near the diff I’m going at it tomorrow again and going to see where it properly is coming out off
  4. Yeah I was thinking it was a rubicon ?? I was looking it up all today
  5. There’s the year model off the quad lads I ??
  6. Yeah thank so much for everyone that helping
  7. Where would I get one off them ???
  8. No never checked that I may check that
  9. Yes I can feel like the back wheel are clicking ??
  10. I’m living in Ireland and what the ujoint r where is that located??
  11. I will I’ll put it into there when I do get it sound guys
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