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  1. I'm waiting to see what I get for Xmas and then \put the proceeds towards my to my winch project (Superwinch or possibly a Warn) price has to be right though been working a couple a day's a week.
  2. let's see I've done tires, LED lights, new carburetor, and a muffler in the past couple of months. The next phase will be winch, fairlead and mounting plate, some floor boards could have used those floor boards today,brush guards and repair / replace cracked plastics. I will get this done after hunting season still got a few weeks.
  3. Oh yeah gotta get the winch first.
  4. Thanks for the info and caution statement "Shadetree" …..I should have checked for reply's earlier. I was over by the steel salvage yard today probably could have picked something up cheap and had it cut / bent.
  5. Thanks guys for the info, I will probably get a Superwinch, but need the illusive winch mounting plate it is practically non-existent Warn #28878. I will probably have to get it fabricated ;does anyone have the the dimensions and angle for '91 TRX300FW winch mount?
  6. Thanks about to start doing a online search for pricing.
  7. Ok making a special note on the KFI mount and the SATV as recommended by Sam
  8. I was in local Harbor Freight Store the other day and saw a small winch and roller guide for cable, along with some sorta universal mounting plate. was considering mounting a winch on my utility trailer but, now I'm considering installing a winch on my 300. For those of you who have installed a aftermarket system what brand, weight capacity, hard wired remote or wireless? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have a Battery Tender 1.5 amp and a Shumacher 2.0 amp, they've ben functioning very well for about 4yrs. The NOCO Gen-1 I keep connected to a marine deep cycle, very happy with this brand.
  10. I was on the other sight a few day's ago, and got a few issues solved on my lighting system....Thanks for the invite!
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