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  1. Thanks...and yeah he replaced all the foam on it...he used an imitation leather material, looks good, but I will probably still buy a seat cover to put over it to protect it.
  2. got a little further on the restoration...A relative of a friend of mine did this for me. A little before/after pics...For $50, I'd say I've found my new upholstery guy. Super impressed with the quality for the price.
  3. Ahh, good old "Vampire Taps", and just like vampires they cause nothing but problems long term...seen more shorts and opens from those than I can count...I never use them on anything I wire up...not sure I would even consider them for emergencies, but I see the appeal in that aspect.
  4. It's because my car is a 03 Pontiac bonneville SSEI....aka...jeff's SSEI😂
  5. FInally got them all pulled off...the right side lower was equally rotted out, both uppers were ok...just need bead blasted, refinished and new bushings and ball joints (which I already have). Slow and steady wins the race. 😎
  6. Yes, but I've encountered some that appear like the pages were torn out and scanned and some look like parts of the diagram were torn off or just hard to read.... Just wanted to make it a bit easier on folks if possible that's all.
  7. I am super grateful for the service manuals linked in here, but I noticed some of the schematics are hard to read and since my ATV project came with a Haynes manual I thought I'd take some high res pics of the schematics and post them here to try to give back a little. (NOTE: I have not done a detailed comparison between these and the original schematics from the service manuals, so if your using them and something doesn't seem right, compare them to the factory manual and assume the factory manual is the more accurate of the two...that said I don't expect there to be any major deviations)
  8. Yeah I know (price), I'll probably keep an eye out on eBay for good used ones, I already have everything to rebuild them so I don't need new ones.
  9. I don't think I'm going to put new bushings and ball joints into these a-arms... Think they're getting replaced. Was originally going to bead blast them and re-powder coat them, but this just looks too rotted out to me.
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