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  1. Thanks guys for all the help got the machine back together this morning , rebuilt the starter new brushes , O rings , seals, starts like a new one , pulled Elec. shift motor and and the gears replace the shift motor magnets cracked , followed Retros ES shift service procedure to the T Wow what a difference , this machine didn't shift this smooth and this quiet when it was New Thank you Retro!
  2. Thank you Retro for the very detailed Honda ES Maintenance post , well done! Again Thanks Fishfiles for the link to the post
  3. Wow thanks fishfiles great info
  4. Hey guys here's what I found , pulled shift motor magnets busted in motor , got that coming , with motor off I CAN shift manually through all gears including reverse , also that cleared the blinking neutral indicator !! So all is good I believe .. should I pull the front cover and clean up the gears new grease if so what's involved , and what type grease should I use thin white , wheel bearing ???
  5. Thanks jeepwm69 ya I found that and got the Manuel , guess I'm getting a little slow in my old age , Thanks Again
  6. Question for the group , is there a downloadable service manual i can get for this machine , clutch adjustment , shift motor and gear removal .
  7. Toodeep I got the shift motor to shift this morning putting 12v to it from the battery , I got it to up shift to 1st and 2nd ran out of time , can also up shift to forward with manual lever , down shift I could not , going to pull shift motor clean every thing up and see what happens
  8. Hello Toodeep starter removed has definite short ,replacing that , shift issue-- I cannot move the Manuel shift lever up as in to 1st-thru 5th at all will move down a little but doesn't shift , also there is no current to shift motor from switch on handle bar, any thoughts??
  9. 2002Rancher won't start electric start getting 12V to starter unit is in neutral will start using pull rope but cannot shift electric or with Manuel shift lever , neutral light is on N flashing 3 times , ????? ( new battery), I feel if I get shift problem resolved it will start acts like it's locked in neutral any ideas out there
  10. Question , bypass wiring harness can these be used as permanent , and will you still have neutral light and reverse light, not concerned with gear indicator or speedometer .
  11. Really 😒 I learned something new 👍 thank you
  12. Best I can get without pulling plastic
  13. Lildog


    Always cutting something
  14. Thank you Sir I'll start there , one more question , there is a switch on the left side of the air intake mounted in rubber to the frame 2 wire connectors and looks like a vacuum tube , do you know what that switch is .
  15. 03 rancher purchased new randomly this machine has gone to a flash mode where the gear indictor flashes has done this off and on since it was new , now it has started doing it within a 100 yards of travel got to stop turn ignition of back on then it will shift again , usually the speedometer is not reading when it does this. Has a NEW angle sensor on it , when the speedometer is working all is fine . Gear indicator will flash 11 times when this happens . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks Lildog
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