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  1. Well y'all, I'm back and finally got one ball joint broke loose on the front left to begin the disc brake conversion and CV boot replacement. I bought a set of boots off eBay in 2015 and hope they last til I'm gone. The outer left boot was replaced several years ago and it looks like they put a small tear in the Ball joint boot. Don't really want to buy a new Ball joint as this one is still tight. I may just clean it and repack with grease. I plan on ordering the kits from Super ATV as their kit looks great. I will post back when I have anymore updates. Pic of ball joint and boot. Opinions welcome. Thanks Frank
  2. Thanks shadetree, you read my mind. I new this couldn't stay in the intro section. I guess I'll call it "Old Honda, the sequel" LOL
  3. That's what I'm hearing here and hope I get it done before I die LOL. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Not real close. We're actually in the South East part of the Big Thicket about 30 miles East of Cleveland and 30 SE of Livingston. Thank you for the welcome.
  5. I had a scissor jack between the upper and lower arms applying pressure between them while whacking the side of the knuckle and then hitting downward using a punch and hammer. All to no avail. I was always successful breaking the joints loose on my old cars and my tuck using just the coils spring pressure and rapping the side of the knuckle to breaker the taper loose. I'll see if I can get a bar in there and apply pressure. If that don't work I'll waste money on a splitter as last resort. Thanks Fishfiles
  6. Thanks for the response Derf40. I'm down here in flat land East Texas and don't go mountain climbing with this machine. I've always used it to work in the "Back 40" on the fences and herding the cows. We got out of that and downsized to 1 acre and about all I use it for anymore is running the dog.
  7. Thanks fishfiles. I am still in the planing stage of this project and taking it as I have time. We moved from a farm to a 1 acre tract in the country so my little red machine isn't as critical as it was back there. I Have to buy a ball joint splitter because pressure and a hammer didn't shock the taper loose. That's a first for me, I always was able to shock the taper loose on my old cars and truck. I'm going to replace my boots while I'm at it. I orderes a set off eBay a few years back but never tackled the project.
  8. New here from another forum. It was suggested I sign up here since there are a lot of members from another forum here too. I have a 93 Honda TRX300FW and getting ready to do the front brake disc conversion since my front drum cylinders are rusted up and the brakes dragging. I already managed to force one drum off and it took quite a few censor words. I'm not going to bother with the rear as I abandoned them a few year ago and it would cost another $229 to do them too. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions.
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