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2004 GasGas EC Rookie

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I wanted to share with y'all my 2004 GasGas EC Rookie.


This bike is arguably not a motorcycle but is actually a "scooter". Part of their "enduro-cross" line (04 EC50 Rookie)

It's a 49cc 2-stroke engine on their 125/250 frame. GasGas was originally a Spanish company and was when this machine rolled off the factory floor. 

The company is now majority owned by KTM. Current bikes produced with the GasGas name are made by KTM.

It was imported into the US and was never sold in North America. The bike is incredibly rare. A researched estimate puts the amount of running ones in the US at less than 10.


Because of its classification as a scooter (in Arkansas) no motorcycle license is required. It also does not require tag or insurance to be legally ran like a scooter.

The machine is geared correctly for and capable of 55mph but is mostly for darting around town.

Starts and runs like new. Motor is whisper quiet and can be started with a firm hand.

Notice that it is a "Supermotard" which I think is a fair nickname for myself.


Feel free to share your own rare machines!


Thank you for looking!










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1 hour ago, oldmxrider said:

That is super cool !   How the heck did You end up with it ? 


Thanks! Right place and time when the PO decided to let it go. 
Bought for a reasonable price but a very rare bike so it wasn't free. 

Manufactured in Spain. It was imported by the original owner to Colorado where the PO purchased. 

PO found his way to Arkansas. I am the 3rd owner.

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Found the original owner's online profile and a few posts he made about the bike.

The photos are of this actual bike when it was new.


This quote is from 2010. One of the highlights is that the bike was sold new in 09.

The PO (2nd owner) told me he bought with under 500 miles (300) and only put about 300 more on it.

Total mileage today would be comfortably less than 1000.



Hi everyone,

This ride was bought new on 12/24/09! That's right it sat on the showroom floor for 5 years without ever even having gas or oil in it or having the electrolytes added to the battery. Dealer will confirm this. The only issue is a weeping oil seal at the bottom of the oil tank (down tube of the frame) where the low oil warning sensor reads. I'm looking into this. Exhaust restriction has been machined out. I recently read something about "screens" in the expansion chamber but cannot confirm their existence. If they do exist they have not been removed. It doesn't matter though, this little bike screams! I can't believe how fast it is for only 49.6cc! The only other defect is the tip of the clutch level broke off when it walked off the suicide stand. Otherwise as new, less than 300 miles!

If you aren't familiar with these bikes do a search on youtube. They are very popular overseas and highly respected. There are all sorts of hop up parts for them. VERY FEW were ever imported. Original sticker was almost $5,000!

These little bikes aren't little by the way, they use the rookie frame and suspension. Showa inverted forks adorn the front, the wheels are superlaced dedicated 17" SUMO wheels, the tranny is a 6 speed with a hydraulic clutch, the instrument guage is digital, the brakes are dual piston (forget the make) and huge rotors, electric and kick start. This thing is the most well built 50 I've ever seen. It is built far better than most of the Japanese bike I've ever owned (and I've owned many).

Please don't be turned off that this is my 1st post, I am a longtime member of *********.com and have several hundred posts under the same screen name mostly in the rockies section. I have sold a number of bikes to members there (including 3 in the last month) and can provide references.

I'm letting this one go because it was an impulse buy and I deluded myself into believing I could use it as a pit bike at the horse show events I photograph. (my website is **************) But there are 2 problems with that. The bikes I have used in the past (scooters and a Honda CT70) are clutchless so I can carry a large camera/lens on my left shoulder, and the GG is TOO loud for the horses. It screams and they don;t like it. Small clutchless 4Ts are the in ticket for me.

SO I'm hoping for $3,000 for this near flawless not even broken in rarer than rare mini moto. Or I am interested in a recent EC300 or recent TXT. I love trials and woods riding. Trades will be considered.

Please feel free to call me in the mountain time zone ********** and I will answer any questions you have.

OH and it is currently Colorado Motorized Bicycle registered (moped/scooter). It is a 3 year reg with 2 years remaining, and allows you to park on the sidewalk, ride without license or insurance although that is a really bad idea! And it comes with the original MSO, we don't title under 50cc here. But with the MSO you can get a title in your state.

Call or email me if you'd like more pics.

Thanks, ****







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