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2001 TRX500FA fender covers

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Found this for $50 on ebay. Supposed to fit my Ruby. We'll see.





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Well it's chappy. Just clips on over the mud fenders. Doesn't fit very flush. I was able to tuck the fabric under one mud guard. Did the same on the other side but it popped out. Don't like how it fits around the shift handle.


There is velcro under the side flaps. I wonder if velcro is supposed to be applied to the fenders? Didn't come with instructions. I've written Moose to see if they have any.






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A few years ago, when our three kids were little, I bought 4 old 300 Kingquads in various states of dis-repair. Why wife made some awesome camo covers out of Cordura fabric I bought off ebay. All sorts of camo patterns to be had. People usually make duck blinds out of them. Much more durable material than the stuff on this Moose cover. She is quite the plastic welder too. It was pretty labor intensive making the covers and she hates sewing. I won't ask her to do it again. 









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