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Looking for 2012-13 Foreman 500 Parts

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Need a few parts for a 2012-13 Honda Foreman 500 (TRX500FM) I am taking on repairing 

Looking for a few used parts before I buy new, looking for a camshaft, starter, and speedometer (yep the irony....)

Have exhausted the usual ,ebay, powersportsnation... etc

I tried about 10 other salvage yards in lower 48, if you know of any that might have anything, just let me know

Any leads appreciated

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Starter is the same as a 420.


Honestly, I bet a 420 cam would work too, but that would be a gamble.  I'd be curious as to the specs on each.  Wonder if a 500 cam might give a hair more lift, kinda like running a 400AT cam in a 350 Rancher.......


And the factory meter for the 12-13 models is pretty cheap new.  ($111 at RMATV)

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Hi Jeep

Thanks for the reply

I was hoping a lot of parts would be the same, but every time I check part numbers they are different -even for the starter lol

I think 2014 and up Rancher 420 starter is same part number, as well as 2012 and up Foreman 500 

When I look at the older rancher 420 their part number is different, but if you look, they are still a Mitsuba SM18 starter, so I dont know whats up there..

I FIGURED cams would be same ,but I think your right, just a bit more boost to the lobe

I was hoping to find a non working speedometer, as I just need the exterior case, but Honda doesn't sell just the case.

No big deal, I will just buy all new parts if I strike out, but wanted to ask around a bit to save some money if possible

Didnt realize the 12-13 is a bit of an odd duck model, I have NEVER had problems finding parts for the 05-11 500

but I'm sure you know that....😄


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Here's an interesting read with a few of the differences spelled out  http://forum.highlifter.com/420-bottom-end-swap-on-foreman-500-m4996743.aspx



but given that the crank, rear crankcase 1/2 https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/11200-HR0-F00?ref=8673025c439eb1f9a72d51c93a180305ae910ee1


top end, starting gear https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/28130-HP5-600?ref=ccc8cee83dcaf2b305d97437051278b01f881e0b


and flywheel gear https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/28110-HP5-600?ref=ccc8cee83dcaf2b305d97437051278b01f881e0b


are all the same as the 09-13 420's, I would risk buying a used 420 starter off of ebay. 


As far as the cams go, here are screenshots from the service manual.  Looks like 07-08 420 Cams were the same as the 12-13 500.  I'm guessing any of the OBS 420 cams will work fine, with the only difference being the slight lobe height.


The meters will be different than the 420's, as the 420's had the gas gauge on top of the tank and your 500 has the gauge built into the meter.




420 cam.JPG

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Jeep Thanks for all the good information,

I found a cam from same model and a starter from an 08 420 which I hope will work out OK

I just replaced oil pump as rotor was very worn, waiting on lifters, gaskets and a few other small parts

Hoping to have it running by this weekend or so, still have to look at throttle body and fuel pump as

they seem dirty- was hesitant to clean throttle body with carb cleaner as I was not sure how sensitive

the MAF sensor was -probably get to that today hopefully


Still looking for a parts speedometer for 12-13 Foreman 500- mostly just need outer casing, but might cave in and by a new one if I cant find one used

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Looks like PSN just got a 2012 Foreman in.  Wasn't sure if you found a meter or not yet.

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Hi Jeep thanks so much

I have not found a speedometer yet, I will definitely give them a call

Boy, I’ve learned my lesson on the 2012 and 2013 Foreman 500 they are a hard model to find used parts for

I got lucky on a lot of the small stuff, as it was actually quite cheap just to get it straight from Honda -plus no shipping



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