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How To Install SuperATV Front Disk Brake Conversion Kit (1994 TRX300FW)

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Repost from my old thread on old site.



I had some issues installing mine, with messed up instructions and misslabled parts, so I decided to make a tutorial once i figured it out.

For referance, superATV themselves admitted that the packaging and instructions are sub-par in my old thread, You can find it here if you want:


Hope it helps someone !



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Was the kit an improvement? How do they feel? Good stopping power? I was just looking at this kit for my 450 foreman. Thanks.

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@TJA, while the Superatv and Highlifter kits both work fine, on your 450 you can use knuckles, hub/rotor assemblies, caliper mounting brackets, and calipers from an 05-11 500 footshift or ES, an 05-14 Rubicon, or an 06-current Rincon and you'll have a bolt on (bolts on at the ball joints) disc brake conversion using Honda OEM parts, so when you need to replace one component in the future you can just order a factory part.


If you find someone parting one of those machines just buy the knuckles and everything that attaches to the knuckles.


Will cost much more than a conversion if you buy new parts, but if you can find used the price should be about the same, and you have better quality parts and easier access to replacement parts.

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