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2000 trx450ES display repair

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Mine is a 2000 and after being sitting for a long time the display looks burnt and barely seen. Any fixes for it or replacement units? I am also looking for the mechanical fuel tank gauge, can anyone tell me if there is a replacement or one from another model that could fit? Your input is greatly appreciated.

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@AKATV would be the man, I'd seek out, there been a rash here lately of those display issues.... as for the gas gauge they are discontinued you might post here in forums on the parts wanted thread>> https://atvhonda.com/forum/20-for-sale-trade-wanted/ and or check ebay, or Craigslist, i had  a quick look on ebay, didnt see anything at all.... @Manny used to supply some oem parts, but we haven't seen him in a while, and i have his ebay store link some place, I'll see if i can look it up, be sure to stop by the chat room https://atvhonda.com/chatbox/ 




welcome to the forums. 

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