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2006 350 rancher ES Display not working

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Hi everyone! 
I’m new here on the forum and some help would be greatly appreciated. 

Ive got a 2006 350 rancher ES 4x4

My electric shift wasn’t working for a while, so I have been doing it manually. I’ve been doing a lot of research that leads to dead ends (discontinued meter for my bike) 


I’ve heard that the member AKATV fixes meters! AMEN!!! not sure if you’d be willing to take on my project of a meter? 

one morning a month ago I tuned on my bike started it right up like normal and heard a POP from my dashboard/display then followed by smoke and electric burn smell. I’m guessing it shorted out. I unplugged the gray connector to the meter and it still runs fine (only manual shifting) but id really appreciate if someone could help fix my discontinued meter lol 



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@AKATV should be able to fix you up.


Welcome to the forum.  Check out this 350 upgrade thread, and also check out @retro's creamsicle orange 350



Disc brakes from the 07-13 420 Ranchers will bolt on at the ball joints.  You'll need calilpers, hub/rotor assemblies, and knuckles.

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Hi Hawaiianboy and welcome to atvhonda.com!

I am sure I  can get you fixed up, sounds like your board might be toasted, but it you might have just had a capacitor blow

If you can open  up the speedometer cases and and send a picture or two of the corcuit card, we can take it form there

You might want to check you harness for rubbing, shorting etc.. as well as you dont want to repair it, only to have it happen again

I have sent my contact information to you as well


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