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Old Honda Rancher ES 350 4x4 Orange

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Hi all!

I just bought a Honda site unseen! My brother-out-law said it was a good buy, no leaks no damage and runs good. So I sent a check and I own a Honda Rancher ES! At first I was told it was a 2004 420 model,

but when I looked at the picture and did some research and found it to be a 2000-2003 model and a 350 or 329😉. Was not going to buy it be then thought to myself, "I drove a Yamaha bruin 250 and it work for me

why not a 350" so reached deep in to my wallet and poof money gone!

Plans for it once I get my hands on it. 


  • Restore the plastic (no cracks just old and sun faded a bit)
  • All new Pop rivets all they way around
  • Clean & Remove surface rust ( if any)
  • Paint Racks, frame and wheels (if needed)
  • Restore Aluminum 
  • Maintenance : break pads, oil & filter change, diffs flushed 
  •  Replace missing parts
  • Add a winch
  • Selectable Front Diff 
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350 Rancher disc brakes up front, and wire it so it will start in gear with the brake lever pulled like the newer machines.


I rode my daughter's 350 the other day and it's much more nimble and fun to ride in the woods than my Foreman. 

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