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I was told to search here for AKATV  That he repairs them. Cant PM so hopefully this works. The display was working only thing that was odd was condensation inside the clear plastic,

and the N light would light up when that ignition was off. I assume it is Ok to use the ATV without the display? The one rubber button was dislodged and allowing water in.

At this time I am unsure if it is sealing after putting it back like it is supposed to be.  I pulled it apart drained it and used a toothbrush to remove some crud. Used some denatured alcohol to clean it. 

In the process the 3 caps broke off. 




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A lot of the time water damage like that is beyond repair.  That said, @AKATV is a magician with these meters, so I'll let him weigh in with whether or not it's saveable.

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Welcome to the forum and  thanks for the pictures,

Unfortunately like Jeep said above, its not good. Water damages, if not gotten to quickly, are usually the death of the circuit board.

If the the water damage and corrosion is so bad that parts are literally falling off the board, it means many other

parts are most likely compromised as well, and by the time you replace everything and clean up the board

you most likely will find that the CPU has failed and it wont power up due to having previously been shorted by the corrosion.

If it does power up, you usually end up having a weakened component fail further down the road after the repair

Its not really cost effective to repair at that level of damage but If you would like to send it to me I can at least check it out or try to source repair parts for you

BUT -If you are saying it was working ok before you knocked the capacitors of, it might be salvageable

and it is common for the LEDS to illuminate if the circuit board is damp or wet.

I can send my contact information to your message box if you would like to look into it


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