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01 trx500 oil pump

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I have no idea if this is an updated pump or not. Atv had 5k hours on it. The relief valve seems to be functioning fine. Im considering replacing the pump just for peace of mind but I dont see any major issues with it. Any concern about the wear marks?





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The newer style oil pump doesn't have that spring loaded relief valve. 


As @Brian Bertram described it, that relief valve sticks open, which starves the Hondamatic of oil pressure, and running it with low oil pressure kills the Hondamatic.


Old style pump




New style pump




I responded to your other thread.  First thing you need to do is make sure your Hondamatic is good.  If so, get a new style oil pump since you're already that far in the engine.


If you're trying to do this as a budget rebuild, here's a used one from a 2009.



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2 hours ago, Display Name said:

@jeepwm69 Thanks so much. Yeah, I'm definitely getting the newer pump!


Just make sure that Hondamatic isn't on its last leg before you drop $$$ on a new oil pump and put it all back together.


Brian can rebuild them if not too far gone.  That internal bearing that fails inside the Hondamatic is a custom size, but he's figured out a different bearing he can machine down to replace it.

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