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  1. @Fishfiles @jeepwm69 Im glad someone who knows what they're doing is working on it. He talked me through some of the work but with no experience and no parts or diagrams to check my work I'd rather not risk ruining something that might still be in decent shape. It will be worth the cost. So, as expected its pretty reasonable. He thinks mine has minimal damage to it and if thats the case its less than $500 for the repair but of course it goes up from there depending on what he finds. His worst case repair is still well below $1000 if its not too far gone. Brian is clearly super knowledgeable.
  2. I talked with Brian for a bit. He determined that the bearings are from the Hondamatic. Its a particularl group that doesn't normally come apart. Im sending the unit to him to repair. Thanks again for your help!
  3. @jeepwm69 Thanks so much. Yeah, I'm definitely getting the newer pump!
  4. A little more info on this project. When I bought it it would not go into drive. Only low and reverse. I have the motor out to fix the sub-transmission. Gearshift fork shaft was bent and I probably need to replace one of the shifters. While I have it on my bench I decided to go the extra mile and split the crankcase to check the oil pump and hondamatic. I was not at all expecting to find a bunch of debris in this engine. Especially not in the crankcase. Oil pump seems fine but I will replace it with the updated version for peace of mind and I dont see any obvious problems with the hondamatic so I mightve gotten lucky with this one.
  5. Thats definitely worth checking out. I spun the bearing with my fingers and it seems fine, although not as smooth as all the others I've looked at. I'm going to take a closer look at this one to see if theres something I missed. Maybe put a mirror behind it to check for damage that cant be seen from the front.
  6. Not quite sure what you're refering to. Only thing I haven't removed is the crank and that is running smoothly. Also, would assume it has larger bearings in it but I might have to remove it just to see if I can find anything. All the parts I've examined look true.
  7. Thats just a guess and a hope as well. I have no choice but to keep looking but I cannot find where this debris would have come from. Im going through the manual and looking at parts diagrams to figure out what it could be but everything I've found is intact and functioning smoothly. I will definitely update when I figure it out.
  8. @Fishfiles thats a good guess. I thought the same because its similar size but that bearing still looks intact in the clutch cover. I'm begining to wonder if someone replaced it once and didn't get all the debris out.
  9. I dont believe its related. My oil pump sprocket wobbles a bit but there was no sign that it caused any issues. I was just curious if that was normal. I think it might be. There is no bearing race that goes with that sprocket.
  10. What am I missing? I found this after splitting the crankcase in my 01 trx500 trapped by the oil screen. I have no idea what its from. Everything works fine and I haven't found any damaged or missing races.
  11. I have no idea if this is an updated pump or not. Atv had 5k hours on it. The relief valve seems to be functioning fine. Im considering replacing the pump just for peace of mind but I dont see any major issues with it. Any concern about the wear marks?
  12. Good price for a newer atv project. Should be a nice ride when finished! Hope mine turn out well.
  13. @jeepwm69 Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. If I don't have to replace the hondamatic that would be awesome. Any idea why the pump chain would jump off yours? Ive heard of that. My oil pump sprocket was wobbly before I took it off and I wonder if it should be more stable. No obvious signs of damage from it that I can tell yet.
  14. @jeepwm69 Cool, thanks! Yeah I think I will end up replacing the oil pump and maybe just hope the transmission is fine if I cant make a determination on it. The atv worked fine in low and reverse when I bought it so I figured fixing it would be doable but that was before I knew anything about the hondamatic. Thanks for the info.
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