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Bought a Rancher off a farmer

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Bought an 06 Rancher off a farmer the other day. He said it sat outside for the last 2 years. The screen lights up but has some water damage. Saw you have someone here who works on them. Well I got a ! of a challenge for you're guy!








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Hi JimZ , welcome to the forum , we got a guy @AKATV that works magic , just hailed him !!!!  My guess is that one is toast  

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Hi Jim

Is your Rancher 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel?

Looks like the card is kinda shot, water damages are the worst as they are VERY prone to other failures down the road

from weakened components or corrosion that is not visible- Most likely not cost effective to repair

I would also suspect that even if repaired, your data would be corrupt as well and need to be reprogrammed

BUT- with that being said, I can at least take a look and test it out for you and tell you what is up-there is no charge for that

I will send my direct contact info to your message box if you would like to look into a repair


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