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hello new member directed here from another honda forum.

ive owned quite a few hondas trikes quads and dirt bikes.

currently im riding a odes 400 basically the only machine the chinese made right until recently (rancher 350 with irs full disk brakes ect)


im having a issue with my daughters rancher 350.

i picked the bike up after it sat for 10 years, no mice got to it but it clearly sat under a pine tree.

here it goes. the bike has full power to the digital display lights up the head lights work the tail light works. but there is no reverse or neutral light.

i have attempted the bypass for the neutral light and i cannot get it to turn on so it will crank and get spark. ive even grounded it in the harness right before the display and it wont light up but if i pull the display apart and ground the bulb the bulb is good. ive attempted to ground the system beside the seat at the solenoid and directly at the display and it will not turn the light on. i disconnected the neutral sensor completely and grounded the harness and still no light. i tested the kill switch and its good ive cleaned all the grounds and pulled each connector and cleaned them. the previous owner said it was all working when it was parked in 2013 so i absolutely cannot see how this can happen. 

again this is a no crank, no spark even when i pull it over, no reverse light that does turn on when grounded and no neutral light that wont come on no matter what i do. i know the neutral light has to do with the no crank and no spark so its my number one issue.


again im new to this forum so i want to say hi and thanks to anyone that can help me. ive tested this thing and grounded it everywere possible so please keep that in mind before you suggest a simple ground wire.



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Hi, ch-onder, Welcome to ATVH, we've had several members move to atvhonda.com ( our new home) your in good hands now...... Someone will be along. 

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