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Stripped drain plug dos and don'ts

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Credit to @toodeep for this one.


If you strip out an 01-14 Rubicon, 400/450 Foreman, or 300 (and I think a 350 Rancher. but would prefer @toodeep verify that one), go buy a 31/64 drill bit and M14x1.5 tap.  Put some heavy grease on the drill bit, and slowly open up the stripped out drain hole.  The grease will hopefully catch any chips caused by the bit.  Tap it out with the 14x1.5 tap (again, put grease on it, go slowly).


Order Honda part #92800-14000 (94109-14000 for the washer).  It's a 14MM factory drain plug that still takes a 17MM wrench like the 12MM drain plug. Cheap, done correctly with no inserts, and looks factory, uses same size socket as factory.


Now if you strip out a 420 or 500 Foreman drain plug, you're in for a world of hurt.  Crappy design, and if you overtighten you can break it off fairly easily. 

Only solution to this given the design is, in order of "good to bad". 


YOU CAN'T PUT A HELICOIL OR OVERSIZED DRAIN PLUG IN A 420 RANCHER or 500 FOREMAN!  See factory service bulletin below with pics showing why.


A) New crankcase half, which is the proper way to do it.


B) Fumoto valve.  This will work, but the valve does hang down.  I used blue loctite to put one in my wife's 09 420, let it dry, then filled with oil.  Put a zip tie on the valve lever to make sure mud/debris didn't flip the valve open when in the mud.  I did have to pull front cover and cut the valve a bit to make sure that it allowed for full oil drainage.


C) Rubber boat plug


Pics posted are of the Fumoto valve I did on the wife's 420.  It didn't cause any problems in the 7-8 years after I did it, but she probably didn't put 1000 miles on it during that time.  That said, we ride in mud/water/swamps, so I think the Fumoto is a viable option if the hole isn't completely stripped out (the fumoto needs to be hand tightened in with loctite to make sure it stays in there).





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Works with the 350 Rancher also but those plugs are at a slight angle so you have to watch that when doing it. 

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