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NB Floyd

Rear brakes - 2004 Foreman

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I serviced the rear brakes to free up movement on the cam that activates the brake shoes.  

On the rear brakes on a 2004 Honda Foreman there is a washer with an arrow tab that was next to the brake lever / cam assembly.  Located on the outside of the aluminum backing plate. 

I removed the cam and lever assembly to clean and oil it, when I reinstalled I did not make note of where the arrow tab was.  

 It is all back together and operating.  

But what is the function of this “arrow” washer?







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Just kinda goes over the top of the spring and the little arrow holds the spring in the hole in the backing plate.


Easier for me to take a pic than it is to describe it.  I have a backing plate torn down to clean up and will try to take a pic when I get home.


Edited to add, looks like it has a function that is NOT what I thought it was.


It's a brake wear indicator.  I looked up the part to see if the schematics showed proper orientation, and it's called a "Brake Indicator"


Looked that up and found this video.



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I remove and throw the wear indicator / washer  away , because , I seem to always reindex the brake arm 

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