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Friday night picnic date ride

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Long week,  couldn't wait for it to end seemed like nothing went right. My partner and I took over a job that another contractor has been milking for the last 11 months. Progress on the house virtually stopped last November. We got called in by the home owner to do some work on the exterior, a wrap around porch with an enclosed 3 season room. Ended up getting pulled inside to finish all the custom trim.  The contractor thought his toes were getting "stepped on" so decided he was going to step aside. Unfortunately he left us with a mess, and 4 stacks of post and beam timbers worth $32,000 and no direction of what to do with it. So we spent most of the week visiting with the homeowner and going through materials and coming up with a plan as to what to do with what is there.  We did find that he ordered way too much material that was special ordered and can't be returned. Probably $10,000 worth.

All that to say it didn't look like we got anything done for the week and I was ready for it to be over. 

Texted my wife about 2 to see what she thought about a picnic dinner and a sunset ride. She seemed up for it so picked up my trailer and loaded the machines when I got home and headed out. Chosen area we rode is only about 22 miles from home, 18 of those pavement, and 14 of those interstate, so only about 40 minutes from driveway to trailhead. Got unloaded and on the trail at 6:50. Was a perfect night 66 degrees and cooling, had rained on Thursday so trail was somewhat wet which was fine as it kept the dust down. This was an area we had ridden the 3rd weekend of August but was pretty socked in with smoke, and we had started early in the morning and rode further up the trail. This particular loop is only about 11.5 miles and can be ridden in 3 hrs or so with plenty of stops to visit and enjoy the views. This was really enjoyable but we really should've been on the trail between 5:30 & 6, we were kind of rushing to get to where we wyvern the last of the sunset. Will do it again but different this next time. We certainly weren't disappointed it was worth every minute and just the recharge I needed for what seemed like an unproductive week. Wasn't enough time to take all the pics we wanted. Everywhere we looked was just so incredibly beautiful we didn't want the sun to set. By far one one of my most favorite rides.  I love areas with water in the scenery but expanse of the views here are just amazing. 











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Incredible views. It was at this point I video called Prov in Minnesota and told him we'll hit this short ride when he comes back next year.  I turned the phone around so he and his wife could the landscape. I think he'll be back. 😁











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