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OEM Piston question

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Probably a @toodeep question since he works in a dealer shop.


Are OEM oversized pistons marked on the top or anywhere else?  I have a 500 cylinder and piston that I got from Tplane over on the old forum.  Machine only had 1200 miles on it (I got the meter too) and the transmission blew.  Cylinder looks good, as does the piston.  I think it's a std piston but want to make sure before I order new rings.


It has the exact same markings on it as the piston I just took out of my buddy's 06, and I'm pretty sure it's also a STD OEM piston.


I use Shindy for rebuilds and they're all marked on the top.  Wasn't sure about the OEM oversized.

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i can answer this, all over sized pistons will be stamped with numbers on the tops, if not numbers ?, then its a std piston. dont pay attention to the honda letters and numbers on it. look for somehting like 0.25. 0.75..something like this means its over sized.

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