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Shackle Mount

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This could also be entitled, "What to do with those left over universal winch mounts and old lawnmower blades."


I wanted something convenient to hook the winch cable back to if I were using a snatch block.  So I took the mount plate that came with my new winch and one that came with either the winch on my old rancher or rhino to make the shackle mount.  One I merely inverted and mounted under the kfi winch plate, bolting through the universal mount then through the kfi mount and into the bottom of the winch (used 8x1.25x30 bolts instead of the 8x1.25x25 that came with it to make up for the extra thickness of the universal plate).  The other plate I cut and welded a reinforcement to and a bracket for the shackle (made from the centers of old mower blades).    I then mounted it to the inverted universal plate where the fairlead would attach - the holes from the one I cut match up, so no drilling required - in fact no drilling required at all in this project.  There was a "bonus" 1/2" shackle included with the badland zxr 3500 winch.  This is on an 06 Foreman 500es.


Pics below. . .



shackle mount components.jpeg

shackle brackets from mower blades.jpeg

shackle mount before paint.jpeg

shackle mount painted.jpeg

winch and shackle mount2.jpeg

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Very nice !!!! ----  being a mod kind of person myself , I respect mods  , I give you  5 out of 5 gold stars on that mod 

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Thanks. I kind of stole the general idea from my commander, which has a handy dandy winching point built into the frame below the winch. 








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