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Fix up or put out of its misery?

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3 minutes ago, 87Iroc said:



She's a peach....


I assume any potential 'flip' would want to have decent plastics as they are pricey to replace. What else do you look for in one you are thinking of flipping?



If the rear end is good , it could bring $250 and it is in demand  , then sell the rest of what you can  for parts ----- I think that one is worth more in parts then as a whole 

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Yep, what Fish said.


I bought one locally for $100 to get the rear end from it.  Got the cylinder, head, and cam off of it too.  Sold the rest of it for $100 to someone who was trying to fix one up.


The gas tank is $$ if in good shape.  Rear end should bring $250-350 (for a 300 swap) and the engine has the BR cam and the cylinder and head will go on a 300. 


Offer him $150, part it out, sell the carcass to someone cheap.

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I texted him. Will see if he still has it


I'll let you guys know what I find. Says he still has it. Its further from me than I thought...but do-able.

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