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Electronic Shift Honda 420 Rancher AT

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I am having problems with the electronic shifting system. I sometimes will not come out of neutral, and when shifting up or down, it won't respond just a click and it will occasionally have a line on the dash that doesn't correspond with which gear it is in. Sometimes when shifting up a gear, it will slide two gears up. All of this is completely random, but it is doing it more and more. any advice on where to start and where I might end up. 

BTW, it is a 2011 Honda 420 Rancher AT, it has EPS and Automatic shifting, it occurs when in Automatic mode as well

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Feel free to post an Introduction and tell us more!


Where to start? Service manual

On the top bar of the site you will see the service manuals section which includes most model years.


Let us know exactly what model we are giving you advise for to get the most concise info. Look on the frame for model and year.


Although your issue could be lots of things my intuition is to call the clutches as being out-of-spec.

If the clutches are not properly adjusted the electronics can not work correctly.


A great test (if possible) is to attach a foot shifter and see how it shifts without electronics involved. This may not be possible on your machine.


Edit: Hours, mileage and known service history are also very helpful information

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Welcome aboard. 


First place I would look with those symptoms is the shift motor. 


Take it off, take it apart, clean it out, and clean all that factory grease out of the reduction gears that the motor engages, lightly grease with a little white lithium grease, and reassemble.

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