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  1. Oh yes, a lot of people around here use copper picking as a side gig to make money lol and copper prices are usually pretty good.
  2. Just a few of the copper nuggets I have found...
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_Island
  4. That's the place Fish. They are all over the place here.
  5. You could also try this app...https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lexul.mitrale.app
  6. I'm a member of this club.... https://www.keweenawatvclub.com/ Here is another one I found...https://www.uproar906.com/ https://www.uptravel.com/outdoors-recreation/trails/atv/
  7. Copper Island better known as the Keweenaw.
  8. The engine manual doesn't say anything about the brand of oil, just viscosity. And yes they are smooth running.
  9. I only changed the oil a couple times but I did have it on concrete(in my garage) but thanks for the heads up on that. I did get one side table because I got tired of walking around to pick the other half off of the ground lol.
  10. Ok so here's my wood making stuff. The Rancher55 is mine and the 40 volt Worx saw is the wife's but it's actually really handy out in the yard. Have a Foreman and trailer that I used to use for fetching until I got the Pioneer.
  11. Well it was good last summer but now it started dying out even more frequently. Jiggled the injector wires and it died. Replaced the bad one and hopefully it's all good again. Thanks Toodeep!.
  12. Had a 2wd 300 a 88 to be exact, that thing touch the button and it's running.
  13. I was always taught look for fuel and spark and go from there, good find and something to keep in mind.
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