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  1. Well it was good last summer but now it started dying out even more frequently. Jiggled the injector wires and it died. Replaced the bad one and hopefully it's all good again. Thanks Toodeep!.
  2. Had a 2wd 300 a 88 to be exact, that thing touch the button and it's running.
  3. I was always taught look for fuel and spark and go from there, good find and something to keep in mind.
  4. I'm right there with you Chevymec. I am a firm believer in Startron though also if you choose to run ethanol.
  5. Put dielectric grease in the injector connections and the three plug ins under the drivers seat and it's fine now. Thanks for the input.
  6. Thanks toodeep, I will try that.
  7. Never really paid attention lol
  8. I have a 18 Pioneer that started stalling on me when I get on the throttle and it seems to be getting worse. The engine light starts blinking and it dies, turn the key off and it starts right up. Any idea where to start looking? TIA.
  9. Thanks Fishfiles I ain't going nowhere.
  10. Haha that's great bcsman. Yeah I was bouncing around feeling out the site last night lol
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