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  1. Just worked on the same model splitter, last week. Belongs to a friend. He was into a real bad knot, and he heard a loud bang and it stopped moving. Turned out the lovejoy coupling had grenaded.The spider was completely worn out, and the fingers had worn until they fractured. I thought that maybe the pump had locked, but it was fine. Both shafts were lined up, so we put new couplings in, and it splitting again.
  2. They were designed with reverse rotation PTO's, and the intent was to make a line of implements that would work with them, but it didn't happen. There are gearboxes that can be installed on the PTO to reverse the reverse, but they are hard to come by and expensive.
  3. The B6000 and the Satoh Beaver are the only two with reverse rotation PTO's.
  4. At least you spelled grammar correctly.
  5. PTO reversers are like hen's teeth here in the US- are they more readily available in your neck of the woods? I know that Kubota has a big footprint worldwide.
  6. I saw, this morning, that Wilson's win is posted. I do contribute to Honda ATV, but only to things that I have experience with or insight into. I don't post on all posts, and I gloss past rambling posts with confusing grammar and no punctuation.
  7. Ok- I misunderstood. I assumed that ATVHonda had more members, but HondaATV dwarfs (70,000 to 1700). By observation, both forums have roughly the same amount of activity. But in ratio, ATVHonda is more alive. Goober is very active there, along with some others, doing their best to answer requests for assistance. I intend to be active on both forums.
  8. Which begs the question- if ATVHonda has more members, why not more activity?
  9. I don't know how the quality compares now, but a new set from Snap-On is $1200+.
  10. When I was a kid, my dad had purchased a Ford 3600 tractor from a friend. He also bought a 3/4 inch socket set from the same friend, for $20.00. That set stayed in the barn for years- 30+- and I eventually found the old red toolbox. I asked dad about it, and he said "Take it. I don't need it". It's a complete 3/4" Snap-On socket set. It is no longer chromed and shiny, but it is solid and all there. We had never explored what was in that toolbox.
  11. I like the older Craftsman tools, too. I avoid the new Chinese stuff, and buy the older when I need it. I can usually find what I want on Ebay.
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