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  1. Hey man. It's a piece I had made by Mike's Custom machine. I dont remember what it cost me? Jerry White is the only other one I know of that has ever made one . I'm sure other have. This one was made to fit my Lectron, which is considerably larger than a stock 400 carb. I'm easier to find on FB (Darryl Bennett) I'm on alot of 400 forums there. I dont think I'veever mentioned it to @SlammedRanger . @Fishfilesthanks for the heads-up. I not here much anymore. I should be but I'm not😬😂😂
  2. Been busy busy.... we finally moved into our new house. Our grandson has been keeping us on our toes. 15 months old and a ball of fire.
  3. Man I havent been here in for ever! I see you're still beating up on that poor carb. The best advice I can tell you is ditch it and buy a Lectron. Tell them your exact engine specs and they will Taylor your carb to your engine perfectly! And not Jets!!
  4. Count your links. You should of been able to buy a 450 chain 96 link that's 06-up 04-05 has 94 link
  5. Looks like you're removing more than 1 link dude. Not saying you're crazy !...Show me what you took out. Also with it all the way adjusted like that suspended its gonna have all of that slack. I've never ever ran into a quad needing an odd or even gear set.
  6. 16 tooth w/ case saver.. not a glann but hey🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. You put the 15 on the front that chain will.tighten... put the bowl down and walk away slowly😂😂 I swap front all the time dude odd or even it doesnt matter. If it tightens with a 14/36 itll tighten with a 15... humor me
  8. No,no,no,no....... put the 15 on leave the 36 adjust the chain.... even or odd has nothing to do with it. I've been swapping front gears back and forth for a long time.
  9. You said you had a 14/36 already... changing the front to a 15 will take out the excessive slack
  10. Have you tried? That length is nothing more than a stock 450r... try the 37 then
  11. Just so you know a 14/36 (2.57)is dang near the same ratio as a 15/39 you want to lower the ratio to help eliminate wheel spin and raise the top end speed a 15/39 (2.6) will not do that. I would leave the 36 and move up to a 15 front this will give you a 2.4 final ratio. I.oersonally run a 16/36, but we run totally different styles. By the way. Here's some eye candy for you 😂😂
  12. We'll get you in the right direction buddy. I'll mail the jet out tomorrow
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