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  1. I picked up the parts yesterday, got her all buttoned up and ready to go and well... shadetree was right... head gasket. 😞 I never knew it could leak like this bad, you pour water in the radiator and it comes right back out....
  2. Today is the 28th and still no phone call about parts. Hopefully I'll be able to button her up this weekend!
  3. I'm still waiting on parts! 😞 I ordered the gaskets and when I got ready to put the magneto side cover back on, I tried removing the locator pin to get it cleaned up and ended up mauling it. Those pins fit nearly every Suzuki Quad all the way back to the 90s I believe, but nobody in Denver Metro had them in stock! They told me another 10 days!
  4. Thanks man, I'll let you know when I get the new gasket on...
  5. So here is the water pump, and the short water passage into the block, as you can see, the coolant, when poured directly into the water pump, should not be able to flow into the crankcase, but it does...
  6. On my 2007 Suzuki King Quad, I think I found where coolant is leaking into my crankcase. At first I thought it was the water pump seals, I replaced the water pump and then I put water in my radiator and it immediately began leaking out of the oil drain. I've run oil through 6x now trying to get all the water out, but the ATV sat (I am not sure how long) and some of the gears are showing rust. Can I spray shop air and then follow it up with PB Blaster before closing it up and doing another couple of oil changes?
  7. Anyone have the Honda Jet Cleaner tool? They are proud of it! 07JPZ-001010B retails for $83. I see some on eBay for around $70 and some cheap off brand on amazon for $8-$20. Anyone have a set they recommend?
  8. Wow, for Harbor Freight, that thing looks pretty good. I wonder how they hold up? I know some people really hate on HF, but they have some *decent* tools and some lousy ones. I'm looking at the reviews and this looks pretty good.
  9. $539? Wow that's steep. lol
  10. I’ll look into that winch.
  11. I need a winch recommendation for King Quad 700. I believe I've settled on WARN 101030 VRX 35-S Powersports Winch with Handlebar Mounted Switch and Synthetic Rope: 3/16" Diameter x 50' Length, 1.75 Ton (3,500 lb) Capacity with KFI mount https://www.kfiproducts.com/suzuki-king-quad-450/500/700/750-winch-mount.html. Any pros/cons?
  12. Out here in Colorado, the FI works amazing for wherever we want to take it. I really love it. I'd like a Foreman too!
  13. Yes, that was me, I sold it to a guy who knew me from the honda forums. I sold him a spare frame and the 300FW together.
  14. Well, if it's any consolation, it's a P of S---t... 😄
  15. Was your name bob something at the other forums?
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