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  1. Or when they bring their atv with no gas in it and complaint it doesn't start..."Does not start I had to push it in the truck!!!"....🤣🤣
  2. 😂..Did that too not to long ago, I hate it when the starter turn with the kill switch off!! The kill switch should kill the engine and starter!
  3. Your welcome, great community and great people in this forum, looking forward for my next diagnostic!
  4. Yes, the secondary winding had 1.4Mohm resistance.
  5. Yea, I've spent hours chasing my tail!!... 🤣.....My customer is gonna have a laugh at this!
  6. It's the ignition coil!! When i checked for the ignition primary to the coil I had nothing and now I have 160v peak?!? I don't know what I did wrong with the test, maybe I forgot to plug something back in or what but now I have ignition primary voltage. Tried the ignition coil from the 1989 350 and lo and behold I have spark!! I feel so freakin' dumb for wasting everyone's time! At least I learn something! Thanks everybody for the help and the learning experience, greatly appreciated!!
  7. Just for reference this is the stator sine wave of TRX350 1989, it's a 3 phases like the foreman. Stator output good.bmp
  8. I tried to verified for spark using an adjustable spark tester and I get a weak spark when I adjust the tester at about 0.010"-0.005".
  9. When I measure the voltage with a DVM the yellow wire at the ICM I get 6v with VR unplugged and 10v with the VR plugged in but when measure with the DVA I get 0v unplugged and 10v plugged in. The G/W goes to ground like it suppose to. I tested the VR's an both tested the same, red to yellow, open circuit and 0.5v the order way for all three yellows. The ICM gets it 12v through the red wire has it should. We know the signal from the pulser(Bu/Y) is good and I verified that the ICM is getting the signal, I get 4.6v Peak at the ICM.
  10. That's what makes it fun, always learning!
  11. No wire on the VR, it's an integrated plug.
  12. Yes I have a spark tester, I've 4 different models.
  13. Sorry if my english doesn't come out like it should it's not my native tongue.
  14. Not for a honda! I was just throwing that for fun.
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