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  1. I have a 2002 trx450fe. I am completely rebuilding the engine/transmission. Everything is going well but I have a washer that I'm not sure of that may go on one of the gear shafts. I find exploded views of the gears/shafts but they do not show the same output shaft that mine has. They show a shorter, fully splined shaft with 2 gears and mine only has 1 gear and a short splined area. What I am looking for is a shop manual with an exploded view so I can make sure everything is in place where it belongs. Again, I can find a million exploded views online but they are not my exact machine. Any shop manuals available?
  2. Meter is unplugged. I will try to shift it into reverse. When I say it won't go into neutral I know this because I tap the throttle and it jumps forward.
  3. So I used a jumper and grounded the LightGreen/Red wire that goes to the starting solenoid and the thing fired right up! The electric shift won't work unless i disconnect the ground jumper but when i do it works fine. The problem now is it will not shift into neutral whether manually or with the shift buttons. It shifts through all other gears fine using both methods but not into neutral. I have tested it while stationary, driving around, and just rocking it back and forth. Does anyone have any ideas? Do I need to start a new post in ENGINE - DRIVETRAIN?
  4. @_Wilson_™ I clicked on the email and on the right was something like maybe a dropdown menu and safe sender was an option. maybe i clicked on the email name, cant remember. i look again
  5. I have the manuals and a multi-meter but the speedometer is damaged and i unhooked it I see the troubleshooting but the manual has you jump sections so much its a pain and i get confused lol
  6. @AKATV I just need to know the protocol for tracing the problem without a meter.
  7. not changing email lol. just added the site to safe senders. let me know if it gives you more problems
  8. Okay thank you. I just fixed the shifter motor. Springs were gone from brushes. I assume a previous owner tried to take it apart and lost them. I fabricated a new set from a spring out of an ink pen, tested the motor directly from the battery before reinstalling and it spun fine. Now I need to know why both wires to the starting solenoid are hot with key one. One is to the starter button which is obviously stuck "ON" but the other is hot too? The solenoid isn't activating so it must be bad. I don't have spark is the main problem and thats why i checked the shifter motor and gears to make sure there were no broken teeth and that it wasn't bound up.
  9. I do the same with Travelocity, find the cheapest ticket then go to that airline website and get it even cheaper lol!
  10. All of the lights power up with the key but now(since I unhooked the meter) the starter button has 12 volts on both sides so it must be faulty, but as soon as i power it up by turing the key on, then I would think the starter would start turning? I know the starter works because I can cross the solenoid terminals. All the fuses have 12 volts on both sides and all have been visually inspected. I am ordering a new starter solenoid in case it's faulty. I just don't think the coil draws its power from it.
  11. This is the only other chew spot on the wiring and it is on the other side of the connector. The wiring looks pretty good. fairly clean.
  12. What specific areas would you like to see? I'm sitting right here beside it. Easy to do.
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