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My 99 TRX300FW

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I bought my 300 new in 1999. It had always been a dream to have one- I well remember, as a teenager, going to the local Honda dealership and drooling over the 86 Foreman 4WD's. 

I kept it stock for many years, other than a DG full skid plate, a Warn 424 (bought it off of ebay, new never installed, for $120), and a winch. It has always been stored inside, and it has always had ethanol-free gas in it.

Eventually, the front brakes became unacceptable. The drums and shoes were good, but stopping power had diminished. So, I installed a SuperATV disc brake conversion, and sold the original tires and rims, buying 12 inch rims and Mud Lites. I don't mud or swamp my machine, but I sure do like the Mud Lites. 

It still has the original seat, plastics, rear brakes, racks, etc. Other than the mentioned changes, it is all original. I recently developed a stumble under acceleration, so I went through the induction system. I cleaned and installed a new Shindy kit in the carb, but that was probably unnecessary. It was very clean. 23 years not knowing that there was a screen to clean in the petcock, and when I removed it, no debris. The intake boot was in great shape, too. I had checked and cleaned the plug, and dismissed it, but that turned out to be my problem. When I rubbed a dirty finger over the porcelain, a hairline crack showed. I replaced the plug, and it runs perfect now. The only thing left to do is adjust the valves. 

Back to the front brakes- after I put the disc kit on, the brakes were only moderately better. I watched what happened as I pulled the brake lever, and I could see the line swell. I was loosing hydraulic pressure through the hose swelling. I replaced that with a new braided line, and it will stand on its nose, now. I bet that if I had determined that prior to putting the discs on, my original front brakes would have been like new. I really need to look for the simple solutions, first, instead of expecting the worse from the onset.

The first photo is from 2015, and the second is from about 2017.




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12 minutes ago, _Wilson_™ said:

Wow! Now that's a clean sharp 300fwd, i believe i spot a 424 kick out knob ? 

Yes, a Warn unit. 

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